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Our Services

Welcome to American Coach Lines of Atlanta, a Coach USA company. American Coach Lines of Atlanta has established itself as the region's most respected charter bus operator, offering unparalleled customer service and leading the industry with our high safety standards. Our Services include:

  • Convention Services
  • School Transit
    • On Campus & Off Campus Housing Shuttle Bus Routes
    • Group Charters
    • Special Event Shuttles
    • Graduations
    • Educational/Administrative Functions
    • On Campus Meetings/Conventions
    • Sporting Events
  • Crew Transport
  • Sightseeing
  • Athletic Teams

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you, so if you have comments, questions, or concerns, you can contact us in the following ways:

American Coach Lines of Atlanta, Inc.
705 Lively Avenue
Norcross, Georgia 30071

Phone: (770) 449-1806
Toll-free: (800) 593-1818

Our History

American Coach Lines of Atlanta, Inc. is Georgia's largest motor coach and minibus operator serving universities, corporations, schools, government agencies and many other satisfied customers since 1975.


With a fleet of more than 80 vehicles including luxury motor coaches, transit buses, mini buses and vans the company can meet nearly every ground transportation need and satisfy every customer requirement. American Coach Lines of Atlanta is a subsidiary of Coach USA, a leading national charter and tour company.

American Coach Lines of Atlanta's current operations in Atlanta consist of both charters and contracts. We provide in excess of 15,000 charters per year to all metro Atlanta school systems, both public and private, at all levels from elementary to college as well as professional sports teams, conventions, corporations and an array of other requests. American Coach Lines of Atlanta is one of the few Department of Defense approved carriers for military requirements and we provide transportation to all White House personnel when visiting Atlanta. The military and White House work requires stringent guidelines and we are audited on an annual basis for compliance.

Our operational focus is to deliver safe, efficient and effective transportation to our customers. In order to achieve operational efficiencies, we encourage our managers to actively seek innovative solutions to operating issues. We reinforce our manager's efforts with a full range of transportation management services, including administrative support, operations technical support, maintenance assistance and grants management support.

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Operating a variety of vehicles, including transit, motor coaches, mini buses and vans has allowed us to fully understand the traveling needs of our clients as it relates to superior service. Our strict adherence to operate within the full requirements of all local, state and federal regulations has made us an industry leader. This is supported with a full range of operational staff and functions including employee training, vehicle procurement, garage facilities and vehicle maintenance programs, safety programs, dispatch and scheduling, professional accounting and management staff.

Our experience in working with our clients includes data collection, analysis and reporting; grants administration and application; and operating system development. We have implemented safety and training programs in compliance with applicable local, state/commonwealth and federal regulations and have successfully provided safe, efficient, and effective transportation services without being the subject of any sanction for failure to comply with regulatory requirements.

Our Staff

An organization is only as strong as the committed team members that operate the business each and every day...

Our management and support team members include the following:

John Garrett
VP & General Manager

Shane Shipman
Director of Sales and Marketing

Sean Mueller
Director of Operations

Scott Lyons
Director of Maintenance

Steve Van
Director of Safety and Training

Eric Cox
Director, Contracts

Customer Testimonials

See what our customers have to say...

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your service. Our driver was Herb and he is now adopted. We will be doing more trips with you and the gang wants HERB for our driver. He was a joy to work with and took care of our safety and comfort during the bad weather we ran into. Thanks again and see that Herb gets recognized for a job well done. He is a credit to your company! Thanks." — Chuck L.

"Just wanted you to know what a wonderful time we had on the retreat and it was due in part to the fantastic service provided by Mr. Michael Dobbs. He was such a courteous and informed driver that he made any small problems insignificant. Thank you again." — Vickye W.

"On behalf of the entire Georgia Syndicate organization, I want to thank you for your sponsorship in our second season in the American Inline Hockey League. Our organization stood out at all of our games because everything matched from the black helmet color to our hockey gloves to our matching wheels and even pulling up to the out of town events in our huge charter bus. Both teams won their respective Southeastern-Gulf Divisions and fared well at the AIHL Championships at Disney over the Memorial Day Weekend.

I hope your business has done well this year and hopefully you will be able to again help us out with a sponsorhip this fall to outfit our organization with affordable coach rentals for the 2010-2011 season." — Ronnie W.

"On May 4th - May 6th 2010, American Coach driver Aric Holt transported John F. Kennedy Middle School 8th graders to Brimingham, Selma, Montgomery, and Tuskegee Alabama. I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for his great work. The bus was very clean, he explained the rules on the bus while traveling, had us to destinations in a timely fashion, very professional, assisted in ways not expected, and just went over and beyond his duty.

We were so pleased with how the bus driver treated the students and made our trip even more successful than we would have ever thought, we would defdinitely recommend not only American Coach for our upcoming trips, but Aric Holt as our driver. Aric Holt had the personality, character, and stamina to be a driver for children and adults. We were very comfortable and more than satisfied. Thank you both for the experience!" — Tiffany E.

"On Mondays, I ask for a quick recap of the weekend overall (hotel, tournament venue, transportation, etc) from the travel parent on each of the teams that left town for the weekend. All three of our teams included something great about the bus driver from the trips this past weekend. Thought you should know! Thanks for everything." — Denise C.

"...a huge thanks to Tammy and American Coach. She was amazing - kept her composure the whole time with the worst driving conditions. We all were thinking shouldn't we have turned around but she kept on driving even having to pull over a few times to get the ice off the windshield. I don't know if you pass this info on to the bus company, but our entire team/parents/coaches were completely appreciative of the exceptional job she did. And the other thing is - she is the NICEST woman ever!" — Bob (Louisville)

"...about our driver...His name is Milo and we really liked him! I think that he is my all time favorite bus driver. We learned that he has been driving tractor/trailers/buses since 1964 (he is 68 Yrs., happily married and a real family man) and is a Canadian, so most of his life he has been driving in snow. He was the perfect driver for this trip.

Conditions were mostly horrible Friday night and a lot of the parents were frightened (visibility was nil at points), but Bill and I felt like we were in the best hands possible. He really knew what he was doing in the snow and ice. ...Milo is a very easy going man with a great sense of humor. He got quite attached to our team and parents. Most importantly though, I think that he is a very good and safe bus driver with great experience." — Heidi (Louisville)

"Matthew "Pee Wee" Reeves is an outstanding driver, a man that is full of joy that obviously loves what he does, a man with a gentle spirit that puts all at ease when they meet him. Pee Wee was the driver for the A5 16-1 Volleyball team this weekend ... in Muncie, IN. I was one of the 22 passengers on that bus that he took such good care of...

Pee Wee is a true professional and handles the bus like he drives in the snow and ice all the time. We asked him, "Pee Wee, are you okay?" as we drove through the worst part of the mountains, and he responded calmly and confidently, "Oh yeah! I've got this!" His confidence paired with exceptional handling of that bus put all of us at ease and we made it through the bad weather without incident.

We arrived safely in Indiana only an hour behind schedule. During the remainder of the trip, Pee Wee was so accommodating to our requests; driving here, picking up there, stopping at this place, etc. He represented your company as a true professional and provided us a level of service that has been unmatched by any other charter bus company that I have ever worked with.

I have been in education for the last 19 years at the middle school and high school level in the Atlanta metro area, and have driven with many different Charter Bus companies. It is because of drivers like Pee Wee Reeves that make Ameican Coach the bus company of preference anywhere I work. Thank you for taking the time and using your resources to hire and retain the very best drivers." — Tim C.

Consumer Tips

We at American Coach Lines of Atlanta believe that there are many factors other than mere price that should contribute to a customer choosing the perfect company for their charter.

Keys to Selecting the Best Transportation Provider

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Many of these factors include the type of coaches that you will be traveling aboard, the type of coach operators, the maintenance of the coaches, insurance coverage, and legal operating authority. These are only a handful of the many things that a well-informed consumer should be aware of before choosing their transportation provider.

Did you know that many companies operate without Federal Department of Transportation authority to travel out of the state of Georgia? Other companies do not carry the federally required liability insurance to even drive your group across town.

As you obtain price quotes from other charter companies, please do not hesitate to ask them about the following issues and see how they rate as compared to American Coach Lines of Atlanta. Remember: safety, reliability, service, comfort and trust are to be valued just as much as price.

Feel free to print this page to assist you in choosing the best company to meet your needs.


ACL of Atlanta

Other Charter Company

More than ten million dollar liability insurance coverage


Full criminal and motor vehicle background checks on all drivers


Random and pre-employment drug screening


Full preventive maintenance checks every 6,000 miles on all coaches


A full service in-house maintenance facility


Twenty-four hour in-house dispatch


Radio equipped motor coaches


GPS guided drivers for case in travel


Television, DVD and public address systems


Licensed by the Motion Picture Association to allow home DVDs to be played on-board the coach


Open invitation for any customer to visit the office or garage


A caring and committed staff to make every charter, the best charter




If other companies you have called say NO to any item that is listed above, maybe they are not the company to handle such precious cargo as you and your group! We at American Coach Lines of Atlanta look forward to serving you soon!

Our Fleet

American Coach Lines of Atlanta is proud to offer a very diverse and large fleet of vehicles. Our vehicle options include:..

pic 4

MCI & Prevost Luxury Motorcoaches

  • 47 - 56 plush-reclining seats
  • Fully air-conditioned and heated
  • Lavatory equipped
  • DVD and PA system-equipped
  • GPS-equipped
  • Several wheelchair lift-equipped motor coaches available
  • Wi-fi available upon request

Mini Coaches

  • 21 - 33 plush seats
  • Fully air-conditioned and heated
  • DVD and PA system-equipped
  • GPS-equipped
  • Several wheelchair lift-equipped mini coaches available

In addition to our large fleet of revenue based vehicles, we also operate a small fleet of support vehicles including the following:

Supervisor Support Vehicles

On-the-road monitoring of our vehicles is essential to maintaining a safe and reliable service to our customers.


Our safety department at American Coach Lines of Atlanta consists of a team of transportation professionals with a complete and total commitment to the safe and courteous transportation of our four-million plus passengers who travel with us annually...

pic 5

Highlights of our Safety and Training Department Include:

  • Extensive pre-employment background screenings including:
    • Motor vehicle license checks, current and historical
    • National background checks including all possible criminal activities
    • Previous employer checks
    • Reference checks
    • Pre-employment drug screenings
    • Advanced driver and mechanic training encompassing classroom and on-the-job training
  • Weekly environmental compliance monitoring
  • Daily bus operator monitoring
  • Accident and incident investigations
  • Ongoing training
  • Post-accident and random suspicion drug testing
  • Department of Transportation law adherence
  • Daily monitoring of driver hours of service compliance to ensure well rested and legally compliant drivers


pic 6

Are you a transportation professional with a personal commitment to safety and customer service? If you answered YES, then American Coach Lines has a career for you...

When choosing a career with us, you are joining a team with thousands of years of combined experience. Whether you are a bus operator, an accountant, a vehicle cleaner, a transportation manager, a sales person, or a member of our large maintenance team, we may have a position for you.

Please take a moment to view our positions on the Coach USA employment page or contact us at:
(770) 449-1806 | Toll-free: (800) 593-1818