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We hope you find our site easy to use, however just in case, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions. Please select your question from the list below. If your question is not answered here then please feel free to contact us.

What is the difference between Coach USA, Coach Canada, and the other business names I've seen on this website?
Answer: Coach USA and Coach Canada own over 25 local companies in North America that operate scheduled bus routes, motorcoach tours, charters, and city sightseeing tours. While owned by Coach USA or Coach Canada, these local companies are each independently managed and operated to meet the specific needs of their local communities. Coach USA and Coach Canada are a division of the Stagecoach Group, a Scottish-based leading global transportation company.

Is smoking or drinking allowed aboard your vehicles?
Answer: For the health and safety of our passengers and drivers, smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is not allowed on any of our vehicles. Alcohol is generally not allowed, except when consumed in a responsible manner on some of our motorcoach tours. Charter groups may transport unopened alcoholic beverage containers in the luggage bays for use at their destination.

What kind of identification is needed for crossing the US / Canadian border?
Answer: If your trip involves crossing the US / Canadian border, be sure to carry your birth certificate with raised seal of the state of birth or a valid passport as proof of citizenship. Any other international travel requires a passport valid for 6 months after the return date of trip. Married women using a birth certificate for identification should also carry their marriage or divorce certificates with them since the name on their birth certificate will be their maiden name. Non-U.S. citizens must have proper travel visas and travel documents for entry into Canada and re-entry in to the U.S. as they are frequently asked to show their travel papers.

What is Worldpay?
Answer: Worldpay is our trusted and secure online payment processor and part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, the 5th biggest banking group in the world. In an age where protecting online credit card information is so critical, we have made a strategic decision to team up with Worldpay. Near the end of an online purchase from our website, your browser will be redirected to the secure Worldpay website, which will collect and process your credit card information.

What is the difference between Charter Services and Tour Services?
Answer: Charter Services should be used if you only needed a bus to complete your travel plans. The Tour Services section of this website allows you to make all of your group's arrangements; hotel reservations, tours, etc., browse a list of sample group tours, or purchase individual seats on a scheduled tour.

How close to schedule do the Trolleys and Double Deckers run?
Answer: Our vehicles run approximately every 25 to 35 minutes. Occasionally there can be delays caused by traffic or weather.

Where can I find information on schedules, ticket agent locations, routes, etc?
Answer: Use the Origin - Destination search box under scheduled services to verify service exists. If nothing comes up, regrettably that area isn't served, but you can look for other nearby towns among the options. Once you have pulled up your particular schedule, look for links to relevant details.

Do I need a reservation to travel on your scheduled services?
Answer: Reservations are not required on most of our routes. Please look for details using the route toolbox when planning your journey to see if you must make a reservation. Although you may be required to select a day of travel when buying tickets online, you are not guaranteed a seat on a specific departure. Passengers requiring a wheelchair accessible vehicle must make arrangements by contacting their local company 48 hours in advance.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Answer: We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express on our website. Details about acceptable forms of payment vary from route to route. More information can be found linked from specific schedule data found through the Origin - Destination search.

How do I get my local bus schedule?
Answer: Use the Origin - Destination search on the "Search & Buy" page under the "Scheduled Services" section of our website, or just Click Here. If you are starting and ending in the same town, enter the same state / province and town in the origin and destination area.

I've entered my origin state / province and city, so why can't I pick the destination I'm looking for?
Answer: We don't serve that location at this time, or your destination requires interlining and our system does not contain the partner carrier's schedule information.

What is a charter and how much do they cost?
Answer: A charter is a temporary lease of our vehicle and driver. When a group wants to take a trip somewhere they will reserve a coach for the trip that they have planned. This is a charter. Charter prices depend on the mileage, destination, days of charter service, and coach usage. We invite you to submit a free quote request with no obligation. Chartering is generally a very economical mode of group travel.

Where do you have authority to travel?
Answer: We have the authority to travel across the entire United States and Canada.

What kind of vehicles are available for charter?
Answer: We operate a modern, clean, and meticulously maintained state-of-the-art fleet. 47-49 and 55-57 seat Motorcoaches are available in all locations we serve. 24-30 seat Minibuses, Executive motorcoaches, "Old-Fashioned" Trolleys, Double Deckers, Vans, and School Buses are available at other select locations. When submitting a charter quote request you be able to choose from a list of the vehicles generally available in the area you selected.

Who drives your vehicles?
Answer: We take tremendous pride in our professional drivers. They are specifically trained to drive the vehicle you have chartered and must complete medical reviews, background checks, driving record checks, training and testing, drug and alcohol testing and safety meetings.

How far ahead should I make arrangements?
Answer: It is never too soon to organize your charter. There are some times during the year when we are extremely busy, so book early! The weekends are usually they busiest with weddings, football games, holiday shopping, etc. so don't hesitate to book a year in advance.

Where can I load my bus?
Answer: A: We can load your group anywhere that our vehicle can fit. Some residential streets are narrow, so please take that into consideration when planning your pick-up location. If you want to use a public parking lot, please call the manager of the establishment and get permission from them.

What time will I arrive home after the trip?
Answer: Although we are happy to give you an estimated time that we expect to arrive home, it is very difficult to be exact. The arrival time home is affected by many factors including weather, traffic, rest stops, meal stops, unexpected road construction, etc. If you need to get a ride from home to pick you up when you get back, we suggest that you use the estimated time and then you can call them from the last stop on the way home to advise your ride of any changes.

When do I get my tickets and/or confirmation?
Answer: Your receipt of payment in full is your confirmation and ticket. On multi-day tours, you will receive your final information 5-14 days prior to departure, which will include luggage tags, final itinerary details, departure times and hotel information. In the case of late bookings, departure information will be sent once final payment has been received.

Can I reserve a seat without money and pay later?
Answer: You cannot hold a seat on any tour without the required payment in full or deposit. For all one-day tours a reservation cannot be made without the required full payment. For multi-day tours a reservation cannot be made without the required deposit. This deposit amount and the deadline for making full payment vary by trip and are detailed in the tour description. Stricter policies on special events, cruise, and air tours generally may apply.

Where can I find advice on what to pack, wear, etc?
Answer: We offer a list of helpful tips. Click "Tour Services" then "Tips for Travelers" for more information.

Is seating assigned on your trips?
Answer: Seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis the first morning of the tour. Under no circumstances can seats be reserved on the coach for any tour. The Tour Director will utilize the seat directly behind the driver. In fairness to all, there will be a regular rotation of seats on multi-day tours. Passengers who are traveling single or in a small group with an uneven number are always welcome on our tours. However, due to the double seating on the coach, you may be asked to sit with another single or uneven number group so that we may accommodate all passengers who are traveling together.

How much luggage can I bring on a tour?
Answer: The cost of your tour includes one piece of luggage per person to be checked under the coach and one small carry-on piece. Extra bags must be paid for with prior office approval at the rate of $5.00 per bag/per day. Each passenger will be responsible for handling his or her own carry-on piece at each hotel.

Can I get a refund if I need to cancel my tour?
Answer: Most tours are non-refundable for cancellation within 30 days prior to departure, with stricter polices on special events, air tours, and cruise tours. Trip insurance may be available on certain trips to protect you in the event you unexpectedly are unable to go on your trip.

In general, how much extra money should I take on a tour?
Answer: Allow sufficient funds for meals not included (which will be indicated on your detailed itinerary) as well extra money for souvenirs, gifts etc. we also suggest (not required) tipping the tour director and driver.

How does tipping work?
Answer: All taxes and gratuities for included meals and activities are normally included in your overall tour package unless otherwise mentioned. The driver and escort gratuities are NOT included in the price of the tour and they are optional. The suggested gratuity for a "job well done" is: $1.00 - $2.00 per person per day for the driver $1.00 - $2.00 per person per day for the tour escort We request that you express this gratuity on an individual basis and let the quality of your service received be your guide. Our drivers and escorts always greatly appreciate your gratuity.

How early should I arrive at the tour departure location?
Answer: We recommend that you arrive at your pickup point at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the departure time.

What if I need two beds in my room on a multi-day tour?
Answer: If you must have two double beds, please request this at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee two double beds at every hotel.

How can I place advertisements on your buses?
Answer: We allow third party advertisements on certain vehicles in select locations. More information is available from the professional services link at the bottom of our website.

I own a small charter bus company. Can I have my buses washed or repaired at your garage?
Answer: Some of our garages accept outside work on a space-available basis. More information is available from the professional services link at the bottom of our website.