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Little Fockers

October 14, 2009 - Here at Chicago Trolley we hire comedians and actors as tour guides and teach them how to drive our double deckers and trolleys.  Recently one of our veteran tour guides did a little "extra" work.

Paul Barile, a veteran tour guide/writer/actor here at Chicago Trolley, recently did some "extra" work on the upcoming film "The Little Fockers." Here is his account of a day on the set:

"The wind whiped up at dangerous speeds. Millions of dollars in equipment precariously teetered on silver tripods.

In the middle of it all stood Robert DiNiro, Ben Stiller, and me.

To be a few feet away from these guys--DiNiro in particular--was surreal to say the least. They were in Chicago to shoot "The Little Fockers," the third installment in the comedy franchise. I was there to be an extra--also referred to as "background."

On "Action," DiNiro began his cross with me a few feet behind him. We won't know who--or what--makes the final cut until the movie comes out, but the chance to share a piece of Chicago with the film icon was worth the dangerous wind and the (other) crazy DiNiro fans." -Paul B.