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I have to tell you that our driver was absolutely wonderful. He was SO polite, SO courteous, SUCH a gentleman.

Sadie S.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Chicago Trolleys are a fun and exciting way to celebrate that "last fling". Let us provide the safe means of transportation so that you can relax and know that everyone is having a great time.

For the Guys - we can take you on a tour of the city or a tour of the bars in the city... tough choice? We'll get you to the ballgame and back, to the clubs you want to visit, or out to the racetrack.

For the Girls - you have your own favorite spots. We'll take you to the clubs and bars you like (usually quite different from the guys) or maybe you'd just like to ride in the trolley, pour some champagne and see the city in action.

In any case, you'll love the Chicago Trolley experience. And don't worry, bring it, we've seen it all!

Call charter sales at 773-648-5000 or request a quote online to book your event!

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