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Music Player Connection Information

How to connect music players to our PA System:


Go to your nearest RadioShack and ask for a cable (at least 6 feet in length) called a 1/4" Phone Plug to 1/8" Mini Plug cable. This cord costs about $6.00.

The Mini side plugs directly into the iPod (or other music player) headphone jack. The Phone side plugs directly into our PA system. For best results, keep your iPod volume at about 15% and have your driver adjust the volume on our PA system.


The other option is to use iTrip by Griffin Industries. This device tunes your music player through our onboard radio. The iTrip requires software and set up time, and some models require a car charger, which our vehicles do not have. Usually, the iTrip works fine, but be forewarned: they sometimes receive pesky radio and other interference.