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Chicago Fact: The Loop is so named because Chicago's elevated train tracks (locals call it The El) surround the area.

Scheduled Services

Coach USA provides public transportation to many communities and cities in the Midwest and Northeast United States. Public transportation is a great alternative to driving for any traveling purpose you have. You can use commuter lines to get to work or take the family into the city for a weekend or get to an airport for your flight.

Traveling to Chicago

The Coach USA family has lots of public transportation options to get you to the city of Chicago and take you around it. or the Coach USA Downtown Chicago stops are two great ways that Coach USA can get you into the city of Chicago for a Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour of Chicago. Spend less on transportation and get to see more of Chicago. See the attractions... eat... shop... or just take in the culture. Chicago is a great city to visit and the public transportation services of the Coach USA family is a great way to see and do it all! Check out these Coach USA family companies the next time you are looking for public transpofrtation in or out of Chicago:

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Chicago Airports scheduled Routes

The Coach USA family bus lines include routes to both the Chicago O'Hare Airport and the Chicago Midway Airport. These routes go in and out of the many communities around Chicago and even further. They are a great stress free way to start or end your trip when using a Chicago Airport. be able to easily and cheapily travel to your destination by using one of Airport Routes. These are great for first time visitors to a Chicago Airport or anyone who regularly travels to the airport. Save on parking or renting a car... or the hassle of getting someone to take and pick you up from the airport. Our scheduled airport routes can save you time, money and stress when traveling to or from one of the Chicago Airports.

Find Schedule is a long distance public transportation company in the Coach USA family. provides express low-cost long distance public transportation in the Midwest and Northeast United States. You can make traveling between Chicago and some major Midwest cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Minneapolis, Milwaukee or St. Louis easier by using Plus, with seats starting at $1 you should be able to fit any trip in your budget!

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Other Useful Coach USA Schedule Routes

The Coach USA family of companies have an extensive list of routes in the Midwest and Northeast United States. Use our Newark Liberty Airport Express Bus if you are flying into Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey and need to get to New York. Or travel around Pennsylvania on one of our scheduled routes. Search our scheduled routes to find an approriate solution to your travel needs.

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