Cities We Service to Airports

Airport Supersaver

Below are the cities we service to the Chicago O'Hare and Midway Airports.
(If you are looking for return information please click into one of these schedules and then click on the return route.)

Cities to O'Hare Airport:
(please click on your city for schedule to O'Hare)
Cities to Midway Airport:
(please click on your city for schedule to Midway)
  Notre Dame     Notre Dame *  
  South Bend Airport     South Bend Airport *  
  Michigan City     Michigan City *  
 O      M    
 H Portage    I Portage *  
 A      D    

Merrillville *



 E      A    

Gary/Glen Park *


Gary/Glen Park

  Highland     Highland  
  Crestwood     Crestwood  
  Chicago O'Hare Airport     Chicago Midway Airport  

* Transfer will be required at Highland, IN or Crestwood, IL

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