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When I search for my travel I am taken to Megabus website, why?
Megabus is a part of the CoachUSA family. They operate longer distance point to point travel routes as part of our network. We will be adding more detail to our website in the future so the transition between sites is more transparent to our passengers.

Why when I search for a ticket between two cities do I have to chose a specific fare zone?
On some of our routes, the cost of travel differs across our stops. While in the same city, the stops may require different fees based on distance from the destination. We ask you to choose your specific stop or 'fare zone' for your origin point, so we are sure we are charging you an accurate fare price, and you can board the bus with ease once you arrive.

Why when I search for a ticket between two cities do I sometimes need to chose a route?
Travel between two cities is often covered by different bus routes within our network. Some may be express (i.e. have fewer stops) some routes may be local (i.e. have more frequent stops) some may run more often during the weekdays than on weekends. We ask you to choose your route and give you the relevant stop information, so we are directing you to the correct schedule and fare price for your travel.

Why can I purchase tickets for one route between two cities but not another route between the same two cities?
As we offer online ticketing, we are expanding the ability to purchase tickets across the entire Coach USA network of buses and routes, but that takes time. We will be adding more routes each day. If you would like updates, sign up for an account today, and you will receive updates as we add functionality and expand ticket sales to new routes. In the meantime, we show the stops served on each route, so if you click on the information icon, so you can check the stops on each of the routes, and see if your stop is covered by the online ticketing system.

Fares Page

You list many different types of passenger tickets, how do I know if I am eligible?
Next to each ticket is an information symbol (lower case i) if you click on it, a pop up box will appear and will share the requirements of each ticket. Please note, some of our tickets (eg: Senior) will require a valid ID. Please bring your ID with you when you travel as our bus drivers will confirm your ID with your ticket.

Does my ticket expire?
Each ticket may have an expiration date, and these may vary across routes and ticket types. On each Search Tab (One-Way, Round-Trip, Multi-Ride) There is a link that lists the fare rules for that ticket segment including the expiration date. If you set up an account, each of your tickets will be listed on your accounts page in your "My Tickets" section. We will list the expiration date of each ticket next to it, so you can reference them with your account at any time. For multi-ride tickets, we will also show how many rides you have remaining on your ticket.

Can I share a multi-ride ticket with another passenger?
Some of our tickets like the 50-Trip ticket allows for sharing, but the other multi-trip tickets do not. For specific rules for each ticket, please click on the fare rules link on the corresponding tab and the information icon (lowercase i) next to each specific ticket.

My Account

When I save my card, why does it not ask for my CVV code?
We do not store your CVV code to protect the security of your card. You will be asked to provide this at checkout each time, but it will not be saved by our system.

Can I save my credit card?
We currently allow the ability to save one credit card, but going forward you will be able to save additional payment methods. You can also label your card, so you can easily identify it as a business card or personal card.

How do I edit my card details?
To edit your card details, simply delete the card and then choose to add a new card to save the new details.


I do not see the ability to buy tickets for one of my trips?
We thrilled to be offering on-line ticket purchasing, but we are rolling this out over our network over time. We will be adding routes everyday, and will share updates via email. If you want updates on the progress, please sign up for an account, and we will keep you informed of new features and routes as they are launched.

Can I split my payment across two forms of payment?
This is currently not an option, but we are working on it. Stay tuned. You can also still purchase a ticket with two forms of payment in person at the ticket counter of one of our bus stations.

If I have purchased before, will my payment details be pre-populated?
We are only able to pre-populate details that have been saved to an account. If you would like to check out quicker in the future, sign up for an account, save your address and credit card, and next time you check out, we will take care of filling out all of that information.


How do I get my tickets after I purchase?
Your tickets will immediately show on screen. You will also receive an email immediately with your receipt and a link back to your tickets. They can be printed from there or shown to your driver from your phone screen. If you sign up for an account we will also link all tickets purchased listing that email to your account so you can quickly and easily access them any time.

Do you have a "Quick Buy" option for tickets I purchase on a regular basis?
If you have bought a ticket, i.e. a multi-ride ticket for community or a round trip for a regular trip you take, you can save time and buy this directly from your account page. Simply log-in into your account, visit your profile page where all of your current and past tickets are listed, find your ticket you want to repurchase, and click the "Buy Again" button. Your ticket will be added directly to your cart and you can choose to check out with just one click.

How do I get my receipt for my ticket?
Your receipt will be emailed to you upon purchase and if you sign up for an account, it will also be listed as a link next to each of the tickets you purchased. Please note, receipts are on a transaction basis, so it will show all tickets you have purchased in each transaction. If you need a separate receipt for a ticket, please purchase it separately.

Can I see how many rides I have remaining on my multi-ride ticket?
Yes. The driver will see this information each time your ticket is scanned on the bus, and you will be told your remaining rides. Additionally, if you sign up for an account, visit your profile page where all of your current and past tickets are listed, find your ticket and you can see your remaining rides as well as your expiration date. If either your expiration date is close or your rides remaining is low, they will show in a highlighted orange. Additionally, your ticket will also have a Buy Again option should you want to quickly add that ticket to you shopping cart.

Traveling on the Bus

What do I show the driver when I board the bus?
Your tickets were sent to your email at the time of purchase. The tickets can be printed from your email or shown to your driver from your phone screen. If you sign up for an account we will also link all tickets purchased listing that email to your account so you can quickly and easily access them any time.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?
Refunds are allowed for certain situations. For more details please see our terms and conditions.

How many bags can I bring?
Two pieces of luggage will be accepted for transportation in the luggage compartment and one piece may be carried on the bus free of charge. Coach USA reserves the right to limit and charge customers for additional pieces of luggage in peak periods. At this time a ticket will be issued and required on all additional baggage and a fee of $5.00 per piece on a space available basis will be in effect. Baggage is transported at the customer’s risk; the company is not responsible for lost or damaged luggage, or its contents.

Are face masks required on the bus?
Yes, facial coverings are required by federal law while in a bus station or terminal, while waiting in line, during the boarding process, when on board the bus, and when getting off the bus. Refusing to wear a mask is a violation of federal law; passengers who refuse to comply may be subject to penalties under federal law.  Exceptions will be made for customers with medical conditions, have trouble breathing or for children less than 2 years old.

Are animals allowed?
Dogs, cats, or other live animals are not permitted for travel, with the exception of trained service animals that assist customer with their travel.

Can you accommodate passengers with disabilities?
Coach USA is committed to providing accessible transportation service to customers with special requirements and does not discriminate on the basis of disability. We welcome all customers on Coach USA and can provide assistance to those with walking difficulties, those who normally use wheelchairs or scooters, and customers with service animals and breathing aids, among others. We can help whether you are traveling alone, with a personal care attendant, using mobility devices or are accompanied by a service animal. Customers with disabilities traveling on Chenango Valley Bus Line may be accompanied by an aid, who may travel free, with original Doctor's letter on letterhead, dated within current year verifying the need for an attendant. Coach USA is obligated to provide accessible transportation service to customers with disabilities. If you believe that Coach USA has failed to fulfill this obligation or that you have been discriminated against on the basis of your disability, please contact our customer service department in any of the following ways:

  1. Email:
  2. Telephone: 866-912-6224


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