Service Advisory- ShortLine reduced service schedule effective March 17, 2020

ShortLine/Coach USA Reduced Service Schedule Effective March 17, 2020



As a result of the Federal, state and/or local government guidelines concerning Coronavirus and preventative measures taken by the public, there has been a significant decline in ridership on mass transit services throughout the Country. 


Our ridership has declined almost 30% over the past two weeks.  Therefore, we must temporarily implement a corresponding decrease in the number of buses required to operate our commuter services.


Effective Tuesday March 17, 2020 we will operate on an “adjusted weekday” schedule for all commuter lines Monday through Friday.  We will continue to monitor the ridership on a daily bases and make any changes necessary.

As always, the Safety of our customers and employees will continue to be our #1 priority during this time.


****The schedules listed in this advisory WILL NOT operate until further notice. ALL other schedule will operate normally. ****

The following schedules will be cancelled until further notice:


Exit 14 and Smith Street Midtown and Wall Street Service:

Midtown A.M-

6:30 a.m, 7:10 a.m, 7:25 a.m and 7:50 a.m

Midtown P.M-

5:00 p.m, 5:30 p.m, 5:50 p.m

Wall Street A.M-

6:30 a.m

Wall Street P.M-

5:20 a.m


Oakland/Wyckoff/Franklin Lakes:


Run 274 -5:54 a.m, Run 278- 6:14 a.m, Run 280- 6:55 a.m(Express) Run 284- 7:04 a.m(Express)


Run 275- 5:00 p.m, Run 279- 5:20 p.m, Run 283- 5:40 p.m(Express), Run 287- 6:00 p.m

**All PM trips will operate local and service all stops.**

Bergen County/Suffern:


Run 976 5:52 a.m (Allendale), Run 906- 6:36 a.m(Suffern local) and Run 978- 7:03 a.m(Allendale)


Run 929- 5:05 p.m(Suffern local), Run 547- 5:25 p.m (Suffern local), Run 977- 6:20 p.m(Suffern local) and Run 941- 7:05 p.m (Suffern local)


Orange County:


Run 566- 6:15 a.m (Central Valley), Run 518-5:50 a.m(Goshen), Run 528- 6:12 a.m (Chester P&R), Run 526- 6:29 a.m(Monroe local) and Run 306- 6:20 a.m(Middletown local)


Run 549- 4:15 p.m(Chester P&R), Run 547-5:25 p.m(Monroe Local), Run 545- 5:40 p.m(Goshen) and Run 305- 6:00 p.m(Middletown local)



No changes


Run 1711- 3:45 p.m(GWB Express)

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