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ONE Bus Fares List

Orange, Newark and Elizabeth Fare Table

  Effective March 20, 2017
 Type of Passenger  Fare
 1 Zone  $1.75
 2 Zone  $2.70
 3 Zone  $3.30
 Transfers  $0.70 extra
 E&H 1 Zone  $0.85
 E&H 2 Zone  $1.35
 E&H 3 Zone  $1.65
 E&H Transfers  $0.35 extra
 Weekly pass 1 Zone  $15.00
 Weekly pass 2 Zone  $23.00
 Weekly pass 3 Zone  $29.00
 Bus card 1 Zone*  Pre Purchased
 Bus card 2 Zone*  Pre Purchased
 Bus card 3 Zone*  Pre Purchased
 Student Tickets*  Pre Purchased
 Adult Tickets*  Pre Purchased
* Bus Cards, Adult Tickets and Student Tickets can be purchased from authorized New Jersey Transit sales representatives. See New Jersey Transit for a list of participating locations.


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