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NASCAR - Fall Bristol
Offered By: Park Tours
Irwins Tools Night Race

Operates: Aug 23 2014
Tour Length: 2 Days / 1 Night
Departs From: Dunbar, WV * Parkersburg, WV * Ripley, WV

Single Room - $468.00
Double Room - $402.00

Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee is the most popular track on the NASCAR circuit. Part of the reason for the popularity is the racetrack itself - there is simply no other facility like it. At just over a half-mile around, Bristol features extremely tight turns and high banking. That results in some of the most exciting racing action fans will ever witness. 

1 Night Lodging
1 Race Ticket

Terms and Conditions:
All reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. Please be aware that 50% of your online payment is non-refundable. Due to the high cost of race seats, an adult ticket must be purchased for children.

(days are calculated from date of departure) Cancellations made 30 days before the departure date are subject to a 50% loss. Cancellations with less than 30 days prior notice will be subject to a 100% forfeiture.

All cancellations must be received during normal business days/hours. If deadline falls on weekend/holiday, notice must be received on business day prior.

Park Tours assumes no responsibility in the event of race cancellation due to rain or other conditions beyond our control. If the race is rained out and rescheduled for the following day, as is typical, our tour will stay one additional day. Park Tours will make hotel reservations, but individual passengers will be responsible for that cost. If the race would be rained out the second day, our tour will not stay.

All Park Tours Nascar race trips are packaged for and with the family in mind. The use of any tobacco product or e-cigarettes is strictly forbidden on board the motorcoach. Consumption of alcohol must be done in an acceptable manner and only by those of legal drinking age. This smoking and/or alcohol policy will be strictly enforced. Park Tours reserves the right to remove violators of this policy from the trip at any time, at the passenger's expense.

To avoid the heaviest traffic departing the racetracks, it is necessary for the bus(es) to depart as soon as possible following the checkered flag. In consideration of your fellow travelers, please return to the bus immediately followiing the end of the race. We arrive early to allow time to shop and explore before the green flag drops.

Each passenger is allowed one standard size suitcase to be handled by the hotel and stored in the motorcoach luggage bay. You may also bring a carry-on for which you are responsible for at all times. Park Tours cannot accept responsibility for baggage which may be mishandled (damaged) or which you choose to leave in the motorcoach overnight. Vehicle luggage bays can be broken into, so carry important or valuable items separately. When ending your tour, please be sure to retrieve all items before departing the motorcoach. Park Tours will not accept responsibility for returning or locating lost items.

Optional tours, transportation, and admissions not included in the group package are the responsibility of the passenger. Payment of telephone calls, room service, and other incidentals at places of lodging are the responsibility of the passenger.

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