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Our number one priority is providing our customers with safe and reliable transportation options. Our convenient bus routes will get you downtown, to the office, airport, or wherever you need to go. Learn more

Airport Transportation

If you are heading off on your next vacation or business trip, let us help you take the hassle out of your travel plans. We can get you to or from Newark Liberty International, Chicago O’Hare, LAX and more! Learn more


Coach USA’s professional and experienced staff can assist you and your group with a wide range of services and transportation options for corporate events, weddings, church outings, senior clubs, and more. Learn more


Explore some of the most iconic landmarks in the world like Times Square, Central Park, Wrigleyville, and Notre Dame Basilica with our sightseeing tours of New York City, Chicago or Montreal. Learn more


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Coach USA provides services to businesses, corporations, academic clients, municipal, and government agencies who are interested in on-vehicle advertising, contract services, bodywork & repairs, and more. Learn more

Disneyland Resort Express Prices



John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Round Trip Fares

*Children 2 years and under are free, but must sit on Adult's lap.

One Way Fares

*Children 2 years and under are free, but must sit on Adult's lap.
For groups of 30 or more please call 800-828-6699

Los Angeles Airport (LAX)

Round Trip Fares

*Children 2 years and under are free, but must sit on Adult's lap.

One Way Fares

*Children 2 years and under are free, but must sit on Adult's lap.
For groups of 30 or more please call 800-828-6699





Newark Airport Express Airport Info

Newark Airport Shuttle Information

Whether you touch down in Newark for a business trip or a city vacation, you can rest assured that with airport transportation by Newark Airport Express, your destination is only a short ride away. Once in Manhattan, passengers on the Newark airport shuttle can easily connect to transportation by bus, subway, train, or commuter rail from one of three midtown bus stop locations. With professionally trained drivers and premium buses, Newark airport express is the best choice for transportation to and from Newark Airport.

Airlines Operating At Newark Airport

Click here for a complete list of airlines that offer service to/from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

Getting to Newark Airport

Passengers can board our Newark Airport Express shuttle at Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st St between 8th and 9th Avenues), Grand Central Station (41st St between Lexington & Park), and Bryant Park (42nd St & 5th Ave).  At Newark airport, passengers can board the shuttle bus from terminals A, B, or C. With international departures from terminal B, Newark Airport Express recommends planning to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours in advance of travel. For domestic travel through Terminals A or C, we recommend choosing a Newark airport shuttle that is scheduled to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight.

Transportation from Newark Airport to Manhattan

No matter how flexible or uncertain your plans are, Newark Airport Express intends to meet your needs for convenient transportation between Newark airport and Manhattan. Our Newark airport shuttle provides reliable service at all times of night and day, with the earliest bus departing from EWR at 4:15am.

A ticket for Newark Airport transportation by Newark Airport Express is valid for any scheduled shuttle time, allowing for flexibility and free planning while you travel.  For additional peace of mind before riding our Newark Airport shuttle bus, you can track active buses online from our website.

Newark Airport Transportation Tickets

When you book transportation to Newark Airport from Manhattan, your ticket is valid at any of our three midtown pick-up locations. Tickets on the Newark Airport shuttle can be easily purchased online from our website. Adults can purchase round-trip tickets for Newark Airport transportation for $30, or a one-way ticket for $17. Once purchased, a ticket is valid for use up to six months after booking. All tickets will be accepted in a digital format.

Newark Airport Express offers discounted tickets for seniors, military, and students between the ages of 12 and 16. Children under the age of 5 can ride the Newark Airport shuttle for free. Tickets are available at a discounted price of $5 one-way for kids between the ages of 5-11. Bring proof of age, disability, or military service to receive Newark airport transportation at a conveniently low price.

At Newark Airport Express, we understand that travel is often stressful, though it doesn’t have to be. Whether you travel to Manhattan for business or leisure, we look forward to making transportation to Newark Airport as seamless and cost-effective as possible.

Newark Airport Express Stop Information

Newark Airport Express Bus Stop Information

From EWR (All Terminals)
Departures from 4:00 AM to 1:15 AM
All NYC tickets are interchangeable with all stops.
 *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

From EWR (All Terminals)
Departures from 4:15 AM to 1:00 AM
All NYC tickets are interchangeable with all stops.
 *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


Hours of Newark Airport Bus Service:


      From Manhattan to Newark Airport 4:45 am - 2:00 am
      From Newark Airport to Manhattan 4:15 am – 1:00 am


  • Every 30 Minutes from: (4:15am-9am)
  • Every 20 Minutes from: (9am-11pm)
  • Every 30 Minutes from: (11am-2:20am)

On the trip to Newark Liberty International Airport, customers may board a Newark Airport Express coach at three convenient mid-town Manhattan locations:

  • Grand Central Station (41st Street between Park & Lexington Avenues) 
  • Bryant Park (42nd Street & 5th Avenue) 
  • Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street between 8th and 9th Avenues)  


At Newark Liberty Airport buses may be boarded at:

  • Terminal A (Outside Arrival Level, Lane 5)
  • Terminal B (Located outside the arrival level, lane 2)
  • Terminal C (Located outside the arrival level at bus stop 5 & 6) 



  • Terminal A (Newark Airport) to Manhattan:  4:15 am
  • Terminal B (Newark Airport) to Manhattan:  4:17 am
  • Terminal C (Newark Airport) to Manhattan:  4:20 am
  • Grand Central Station to Newark Airport:  4:45 am
  • Bryant Park to Newark Airport: 4:50 am
  • Port Authority to Newark Airport:  5:00 am


  • Terminal A (Newark Airport) to Manhattan:  1:00 am
  • Terminal B (Newark Airport) to Manhattan: 1:05 am
  • Terminal C (Newark Airport) to Manhattan:  1:10 am
  • Grand Central Station to Newark Airport:  2:00 am
  • Bryant Park to Newark Airport: 2:05 am
  • Port Authority to Newark Airport:  2:20 am

Newark Airport Express Bus Tracker

Track Your Bus Between Newark Airport and Manhattan


We're taking the guesswork out of your travel and giving you peace of mind! Just click on an image of a Newark Airport Express bus below to see when it's next estimated to arrive at your stop. Use the zoom icons to get an exact location on your bus to Newark Airport in real time.

Newark Airport Express Prices and Fares

Our Prices

Please note that a $1 administrative fee will be added to each ticket sale.

  • Adults: $30 Round Trip or $17 One Way.
  • Children under 5 years ride FREE.
  • Children 5-11 years: $5 One Way.
  • Students 12-16 years: $10 One Way.
  • Military Fare: Only $14 one-way for military personnel with military ID and their accompanying families.  Valid on all departures, 365 days per year.  Military personnel may board at any stop in Manhattan or Newark Airport.
  • Seniors (62 years) and travelers with disabilities  $17 Round Trip or  $8.50 One Way  - must show proof of age or disability by presenting a NJ Transit Reduced Fare ID or official proof of age or disability.
  • LGA Airport Connection: $29. (LaGuardia Passengers must buy tickets at the bus) not available online.
  • Multi-Pass 2 day Round trips (Must be used in 2 consecutive days) : $36.00
  • Multi-Pass 3 day Round trips (Must be used in 3 consecutive days) : $54.00

Newark Airport Express

Convenient Bus Travel between Newark Airport and Midtown Manhattan

Newark Airport Express shuttle bus service makes it easy to travel quickly from Midtown to Newark Airport and back. No need to worry about cab fares or parking hassles! Our comfortable buses will take you and your luggage safely to your Newark terminal so that you can relax before takeoff. Low cost bus tickets and all-day service make our shuttles the perfect way to and from your flight.

Rockland Coaches Commuter and Park and Ride Locations

Commuting and Park and Ride Locations


Note: Park-N-Ride Lots marked with an asterisk require permits for use.




Location: Middletown Road at Route 59, between Exxon and Stop&Shop
Spaces: 25, 2 handicapped
Parking Permit: No Permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 46,47,20,11A,11C,



Location: Lot 1 - New York State Thruway (I-87), Northwest corner Route 59 and Route 303
Spaces: 230, 4 handicapped
Parking Permit: No Permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 9W


Clarkstown- Exit 14 NYS Thruway - East Lot

Location: South side of Route 59 at NYS Thruway Exit 14
Spaces: 188 Spaces, 6 Handicapped
Parking Permit: No Permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 45E, 11A, 11C, 49,ShortLine/CoachUSA Express midtown service,


Clarkstown-Exit 14 NYS Thruway - North Lot

Location: North side of Route 59 at NYS Thruway Exit 14
Spaces: 390 Spaces, 8 Handicapped
Parking Permit: No permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 45E, 11A, 11C, 49,ShortLine/ CoachUSA Express,


Clarkstown-Exit 14 NYS Thruway - West Lot

Location: SW of Rt 59 at NYS Thruway Exit 14
Spaces: 80 Spaces, 5 Handicapped
Parking Permit: No Parking Permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 45E, 11A, 11C, 49, ShortLine/CoachUSA Express,


Clarkstown - Palisades Center

Location: New York State Thruway (I-87) Exit 12, Palisades Center Ring Road
Spaces: 900, 10 handicapped
Parking Permit: No Parking Permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 20, 49J


Clarkstown - Nanuet Smith Street

Location: Smith Street at NW corner Rt 59 & 304
Spaces: 286, 7 handicapped
Parking Permit: No Parking Permit needed Free Parking
Services: Red & Tan 47, 49, 20, 11A, ShortLine/Coach USA wall street service;


Clarkstown - Nanuet Rail Road North

Location: Clarkstown- Nanuet Railroad Station North to Nanuet Railroad Station, Lot 1
Spaces: 332, 12 handicapped
Parking Permit: To obtain parking permit call 845-639-2010
Services: Rockland Coaches 11A, 11C, 20, 46, 47


Clarkstown - Nanuet

Location: Clarkstown-Nanuet Railroad Station to Nanuet Railroad shelter LOT 2
Spaces: 229, 12 handicapped
Parking Permit: No permit necessary- Free Parking
Services:  Rockland Coaches 11A, 11C, 20, 46, 47


Clarkstown-Rockland Plaza

Location: Route 59 and Middletown Road
Spaces: 80
Parking Permit: No Parking Permit needed Free Parking
Services: ShortLine Coach USA Express, Rockland Coaches 47, 49



Clarkstown-Route 304

Location: Route 304 at Cavalry Dr.
Spaces: 120
Parking Permit: No Parking Permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 47, 11A, 49


Clarkstown - Valley Cottage

Location: Rockland Lake Road and Kings Highway
Spaces: 75
Parking Permit: No permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 9, 9A, 9W


Haverstraw Downtown* (i)

Location: Maple Avenue and Broad Street
Spaces: 120
Parking Permit: Permit Parking required between 11:00 p.m and 6:00 a.m. No permit needed during the day.845-429-0300
Services: Rockland Coaches 9W, 11A, 49



Haverstraw - Mt. Ivy* (b)

Location: Southwest corner of Rts 45 and 202, Exit 13 Palisades Inst. Pkwy.
Spaces: 224
Parking Permit: To obtain Parking Permit call -845-429-2200
Services: Rockland Coaches 45, 45E



North Ramapo

Location: Rt 45 just north of Sanitorium Road
Spaces: 80
Parking Permit:  To obtain Parking Permit call -845-357-5100
Services: Rockland Coaches 45


Nyack* (h)

Location: Behind Spear St. and Piermont Street
Spaces: 90
Parking Permit: To obtain Parking Permit call -845-358-8283
Services: Rockland Coaches 9, 9A


Nyack* (h)

Location: Catherine Street & Main Street
Spaces: 46
Parking Permit: To obtain Parking Permit call -845-358-8283
Services: Rockland Coaches 9, 9A, 9W



Pearl River (g)

Location: Lot 1 - South Main Street at Station
Spaces: 73, 4 handicapped
Parking Permit: To obtain Parking Permit call -845-359-5100
Services: Rockland Coaches 11A, 11C, 20;


Pearl River (g)

Location: Lot 2 - South William Street off Franklin Street
Spaces: 73
Parking Permit: To obtain Parking Permit call -845-359-5100
Services:  Rockland Coaches 11A, 11C, 20


Ramapo* (a)

Location: Chestnut Ridge Road Route 45 - North of Pinebrook Road, at Summit Road
Spaces: 100, 2 handicapped
Parking Permit: To obtain Parking Permit call -845-357-5100
Services: Rockland Coaches 45



Spring Valley D* (c)

Location: Franklin Avenue and Main Street at Station
Spaces: 210
Parking Permit: To obtain Parking Permit call-888-682-PARK
Services: Rockland Coaches 11A, 11c, 45



Stony Point

Location: Eastside of Route 9W just north of Washburns Lane
Spaces: 60, 3 handicapped
Parking Permit: No permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 11A, 9W, 49;


Location: Old 76 House
Spaces: 15 Parking spaces back parking lot
Parking Permit: No permit needed Free Parking
Services: Rockland Coaches 9A, 9W, 20;






* To obtain permits please call:
(a) 845-357-5100
(b) 845-429-2200
(c) 888-682-PARK
(d) 845-573-5867
(e) 845-368-0017
(f) 845-753-2727
(g) 845-359-5100
(h) 845-358-8283
(i) 845-429-0300

ShortLine General Service Information

1. Application of Fares

Fares between intermediate points, where no fares are published, will be charged the fare to or from the next more distant point shown. Regular round trip fares are computed at 2 times the one-way fare. Additional discounted one way tickets include: Senior, Children and Student fares. No additional discount is offered on round trip fares. Other discounted fares are offered depending on time and place of origin at the discretion of the Company. Special time limits and restrictions apply.

2. Ticket Sales

Tickets may be purchased from a number of independent agents and terminals. For a complete list of locations, contact 1-800-631-8405 or visit our website at If an agent is not available, travel can be purchased from a driver with cash. Drivers are required to supply a receipt at a customer's request. A receipt for a regular one-way ticket can be credited toward the purchase of a commutation book of tickets by having their driver or agent sign a receipt with origin, date and amount paid.

3. Senior Citizen Fares

Senior Citizens at least 62 years old with I.D. may receive 10% off of the regular one way excursion fare between all points of ShortLine or Chenango Valley Bus Lines. There is no further discount on the purchase of a round trip. Senior Citizen discounts may not be applied to any promotional or other discounted fares.

The New Jersey Senior Citizen Program is valid ONLY between Orange, Rockland or Bergen Counties and New York City.

Senior Citizens, 62 years of age and over, and customers with disabilities, may ride at all times of the day with a valid Medicare or State ID in Bergen County, NJ and Orange and Rockland County, NY. Senior Citizens and customers with disabilities may travel at half fare locally within Orange, Sullivan and Rockland Counties. I.D. and a Medicare card is required.

4. Children's Fares

A. All Children unaccompanied by an adult must pay full fare. When accompanied by an adult paying full fare, children under five (5) years of age are carried free, however they may not occupy a seat. Children under five (5) years of age occupying a seat, between the ages of five (5) and eleven (11) are carried at one-half (1/2) fare, rounded to the next “0” or “5”. Children twelve (12) years of age or over must pay full fare. Children's one half (1/2) fare will apply only to the regular full fare. Children traveling with an adult (other than a member of the family) will be limited to three (3) children per adult passenger.

B. Policy affecting unaccompanied children under the age of 15:

a. Any passenger that is under the age of 8 must be accompanied by another passenger at least 15 years of age at all times.

b. Those passengers between the ages of 8 and 14 years of age may travel unaccompanied as long as the following criteria are met:

  • The passenger's trip will begin and end on the same schedule.
  • The passenger's trip can not exceed five (5) hours in duration.
  • The passenger's trip must be completed in daylight hours only.
  • Both the origin and destination stations must be full service agents.
  • The destination station must be open at the time the passenger is expected to arrive. If any of the above conditions are not met, then the passenger MUST be accompanied by a passenger at least 15 years of age or older to travel.

5. Limit of Tickets for Travel

A. Regular, non discounted, one-way tickets will be good for travel thirty (30) days in addition to the date of sale. Round-trip tickets are good for travel one hundred and twenty (120) days in addition to the date of sale, unless otherwise specified.

B. Commutation tickets:

  • Forty (40) One-Way trips will be limited for use to forty (40) days from and including the date of sale by one individual identified by an I.D. number.
  • Ten (10) One-Way trips will be limited for use to twenty (20) days from and including the date of sale by one individual identified by an I.D. number.
  • Fifty (50) One-Way trips will be limited for use to ninety (90) days from and including the date of sale and can be shared among members of a family or group.

Commutation tickets will be on sale at all times specified at the terminals. Commutation tickets will not be accepted if purchased from other than authorized agents of the Company or if resold. They must be presented by the person, to whom they are issued identified by a number. They may also designate the sex of the persons to whom they are issued.

Commutation tickets may not be used as basing fares in constructing through fares to points beyond. Commutation tickets are only valid for transportation provided by and over the routes of Coach USA Northern District Hudson Transit Lines, Inc., and as such, are not valid for transportation provided by any other carrier.

6. Ticket Refunds (Policy Not Applicable to Internet Purchases)

A. Regular Full Fare Tickets: Wholly or partly unused tickets valid for travel will be refunded if presented within ninety (90) days after the last date of possible use and will not be redeemed if presented thereafter. Wholly unused tickets, which have not been presented and used for transportation, will be redeemed at the purchase price paid less 10%. In the event, failure to use these tickets was the result of any act or default of the Company, the ten (10%) percent will not be deducted. Application for refund should be mailed to Refund Dept. ShortLine, 66 Tetz Road, Chester, NY 10918. Refunds take approximately 4 weeks for processing. Heavily discounted or special fare tickets may not be refundable. Check when purchasing for details.

B. Commutation Tickets: Except in the case of job loss, cash refunds will no longer be allowed on commutation tickets. In the event of illness, business travel or vacation, unused tickets may be returned for credit toward the purchase of additional commuter tickets by using the commutation credit voucher. A letter stating the reason for returning tickets with the actual tickets must be mailed within fifteen (15) days after the last date of possible use to ShortLine, 66 Tetz Road, Chester, NY 10918, to Attention: REFUND DEPT. A personal voucher will be issued and mailed. Only one credit voucher may be redeemed at one time against the purchase of another commuter book of tickets.

C. Commuter Ticket Policy

  • 10 Trips (Good for 20 days): No Credit, No Refund
  • 40 Trips (Good for 40 days): Up to 10 tickets may be returned for credit or refund (if turned in 15 days after last date valid)
  • 50 Trips (Good for 90 days): May Be Shared, No Credit, No Refund
  • One Way (Good for 30 days): Refundable up to 90 days after last date of possible use
  • Round Trip (Good for 120 days): Refundable up tp 90 days after last date of possible use

A 10% Service Charge will be deducted on all refunds.

7. Stopovers

Stopovers will be permitted at any station where the coach is scheduled to stop. Customers must request a special ticket from the Agent at the time of purchase. Continuation of the trip must take place within a 24 hour period.

8. Baggage

Two pieces of luggage will be accepted for transportation in the luggage compartment and one piece may be carried on the bus free of charge. ShortLine Coach USA reserves the right to limit and charge customers for additional pieces of luggage in peak periods. At this time a ticket will be issued and required on all additional baggage and a fee of $5.00 per piece on a space available basis will be in effect. Baggage is transported at the customer’s risk; the company is not responsible for lost or damaged luggage, or its contents.

9. Lost & Found

Every effort is made by the company to retrieve lost items left on the bus. Items found at outlying locations should be shipped to the Mahwah office immediately. Customers looking for items, can try calling the terminal where they got off, however the Lost & Found Dept. can be reached by calling 1-800-631-8405 ext. 2631.

10. Seating

This company reserves full control and discretion as to seating of passengers and the right to change such seating at any time during the trip; also to transfer passengers from one vehicle to another en route whenever operating conditions require it. This Company also reserves the right to reroute passengers to another destination when, in the opinion of the Company, operating conditions make this necessary. In case of insufficient seating capacity on any schedule, passengers will be placed on the next available coach. If none is available, the ticket value will be refunded. No Reduced Rate or Special Excursion Tickets will be honored on limited trips unless especially provided in the Tariff issued. Tickets cannot be purchased and or will not be honored for transportation to any point where the coach is not scheduled to stop.

11. Animals

Dogs, cats or other live animals will not be carried on motor coaches. Exception: Service animals properly certified will be transported.

12. Objectionable Behavior

This Company reserves the right to refuse to transport a person under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, or who is incapable of taking care of himself or herself, or whose condition is such as to make him objectionable to other passengers or prospective passengers, or whose behavior threatens the safety of others, such as yelling, cursing or aggressive gestures.

13. Transfer Regulations

No transfer will be issued or accepted to points other than those on connecting lines of this Company, for which tickets are sold.

14. Promotional Discount Coupons

At the discretion of the Carrier, Promotional Discount Coupons will be issued, which will entitle the bearer to purchase one (1) Adult trip ticket on Interstate Routes of the Hudson Transit Lines or Chenango Valley Bus Lines at the published fare, less the stated value of one Discount Coupon issued. Promotional Coupons have no value for refund and are not applicable to any discount fares.

15. Prepaid Ticket Orders

Someone purchasing a ticket for another person traveling from a different point. (PTO’S) – There will be a $15.00 non-refundable service charge for tickets purchased from non gateway terminals. Note: Agents can refer to the PTO Bulletin for instructions.

16. Acceptance of Commuter Tickets for Northern District

Oakland/Wyckoff commuter tickets will be accepted on ShortLine buses to Ridgewood or Mahwah from Port Authority bus terminal off peak from 9:00 am–3:00 pm and after 7:00 pm Monday–Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday and holidays.

17. Non-Discrimination Policy- TITLE VI

Hudson Transit Lines, Inc. is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from, or denied the benefits of our services on the basis of race, color, or national origin as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. Any person who believes that they have, individually, or as a member of any specific class of persons, been subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin, may file a complaint in writing to Hudson Transit Lines, Inc. To file a complaint, or for more information on Hudson Transit Lines, Inc.'s obligations under Title VI write to: 66 Tetz Road, Chester, NY 10918.

Download a copy of the Title VI Complaint Form.


Download a copy of the Title VI Complaint Policy.

ShortLine Ticketing Locations

View Our Full List of Ticketing Locations

Please visit one of our convenient agent locations before boarding the bus to purchase your ticket.  If the agent is closed when you plan to travel, either visit their location in advance to purchase a ticket or pay your fare directly to our driver in cash.



Ridgewood, NJ
Ridgewood Park-Ride
Southbound: Short Line Term.
575 Rt. 17 South
Northbound: Bus Shelter/Pedestrian Overpass, Rt. 17 North



Summer Service Only



Alfred, NY
Alfred Travel Center
11 W University St.
Bath, NY
Misba Mart/Citgo
Liberty & W. William St.
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Belmont, NY
Crosby Mini Mart (Sunoco Gas)
Route 19
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)

Binghamton, NY
Short Line
81 Chenango Street

Binghamton, NY
SUNY Escape
SUNY Binghamton Campus

Boro Park, NY
16th Avenue Food Corner

4101 16th Ave (41st Street)


 Summer Service Only

Brooklyn, NY
Midwood - Ahava Mini Market
1356 Coney Island Ave.
(2 doors south of Golan Dry Fruits near Ave J)
Summer Service Only
Carle Place, NY / Mineola, NY
Stop 24
124 E. Jericho Tpke.
Central Valley, NY
Danny's Market & Deli
4 Smith Clove
Central Valley, NY
Woodbury Common
Route 32 Central Valley
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Bus stop near bell tower

Corning, NY
Corning Transportation Center

UPS STORE- 85 Dennison ParkwayCorning, NY - 607-936-6223

Crown Heights, NY
Flash Photo and Lighting
399 Kingston Ave. (Kingston Ave & Montgomery St)
Summer Service Only
Deposit, NY
Wheeler's Collision Service
32 Oak St.
Ellenville, NY
Gaby's Cafe
150 Canal St.
Elmira, NY
Union Bus Station
100 East Church St.
  Hamilton, NY
Colgate University Travel Center

Hancock, NY
JN Mason Insurance Agency
68 W. Front St.

Harris, NY
Catskill Regional Medical Center
Gift Shop
845-794-5500 (Monticello, NY)
Hempstead, NY
Greyhound Terminal
168 Jackson St.
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Hornell, NY
Michael John's Mini Mart
7499 Seneca Rd. N.
Huntington, NY / Melville, NY
Red House Discount
394 Old Whitman Rd.
Pick up and discharge at Park and Ride located off Exit 49 on
the North side of the LIE service road.
Islip, NY
American Mobil
700 Motor Parkway
Exit 55 Westbound LIE
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Ithaca, NY
Green Street Pharmacy
131 East Green Street Suite 2t
Ithaca, NY
Student Agencies
409 College Ave.
Liberty, NY
South Main St.
Livingston Manor, NY
Chinatown Kitchen
40 Main Street
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Loch Sheldrake, NY
Sullivan County. Comm. College Bookstore
when college is in session
Middletown, NY
Short Line Terminal
14 Railroad Ave.
Mineola, NY / Carle Place, NY
Stop 24
124 E. Jericho Tpke.

Monroe, NY

The Depot
70 Millpond Parkway

Monticello, NY
Short Line Terminal
45 Sturgis Road (adjacent to gov't ctr.)

Morrisville, NY
Campus Store
SUNY Morrisville


Nanuet, NY
The Thruway Deli
328 W. Rt 59.
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Bus pick up and discharge at Park and Ride Rt 59 opposite entrance to I-87
  Newburgh, NY
Quick Mart - Citgo
405 Broadway
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Newburgh, NY
Short Line Trans Center
Rt. 17K & Thruway entrance
  New York, NY
Port Authority Bus Terminal- 1st floor south wing Booths 11-15
42nd St. & 8th Ave.

Olean, NY
Premo Limosine
301 S. Union St.
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)

Oneonta, NY
7 Market St.
Owego, NY
Smoke Shop
70 North Avenue
Patchogue, NY
Purchase cash fares from the driver to Islip. Make final purchase in Islip. Bus stops in front of RDM Stationary Waldbaums plaza

Port Jervis, NY

No Agent. Please pay driver cash.
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)

Poughkeepsie, NY
Milt's Cigar & Variety
57 Market St.
Queens Village, NY
JD Foods
219-17 Hillside Ave.
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Rochester, NY
Empire Region Trans Ctr.
187 Midtown Place
Roscoe, NY
Mobil Gas
31 Cottage St.
Sherburne, NY
Big M Supermarket
Sloatsburg, NY
Haas Pharmacy
62 Orange Turnpike
South Fallsburg, NY
Ming's Convenience
5218 Main St.
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Suffern, NY
Suffern Food Mart
18-20 Lafayette Ave.
  Tuxedo, NY
Tickets: Bently's Deli
Rt. 17
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)
Bus stops at shelter across from Railroad Station
Vails Gate, NY
Rte 32 South at 5 Corners
800-631-8405 (prompt #3)

Waverly, NY

My Girlfriend's Jewelry Box

222 Broad Street



White Plains, NY
White Plains Bus Center
11 Ferris Ave.



Hawley, PA


54 Main Street Ave.

Honesdale, PA

Trackside Grill
734 Main Street






Lords Valley, PA

No agent at this time. Please pay cash to the driver.


Matamoras, PA
Best Western at Hunts Landing
900 Route 6 & Route 209

Milford, PA
Frisky Goat

611 Broad Street




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