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About Coach USA


About Coach USA

Coach USA is one of the leading providers of ground passenger transportation and mobility solutions in North America and the largest privately-owned, U.S. based bus company in the country. With operations in 27 locations throughout the United States and Canada and more than 3,000 employees and 2,250 buses, the Coach USA network of companies carries over 38 million passengers throughout the United States and Canada each year.  

Coach USA also owns and operates Megabus which provides low-cost, express bus service for intercity travel. Since launching in 2006, Megabus has served more than 50 million customers throughout more than 280 cities across the nation.

Through our affiliates and subsidiaries, we have been offering passenger transportation solutions for nearly 100 years. Coach USA and its affiliated companies are trusted business partners providing many types of specialized ground transportation solutions to government agencies, airports, colleges and universities and major corporations.

We understand our role to not only provide transportation services, but to also promote and generate wider economic growth through job creation and improved access to safe, reliable, and affordable transportation.



Coach USA operates a wide variety of passenger transportation services, including:


Safety is not just something we believe in, it’s at the very core of who Coach USA is. We are focused and dedicated to a “safety first, last, and always” attitude as an essential element for all our employees, and our goal is to provide safe, reliable, courteous, and efficient passenger transportation services. 

The foundation of our commitment to safety is embodied in our comprehensive Safety Program. We follow rigorous safety procedures in everything we do and support and follow all federal, state, and local regulations regarding passenger transportation.

Our driving team is one of the best trained in the industry. New drivers undergo a minimum of 150 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel training before they start in service. Even those with an existing Commercial Drivers License are required to complete more than 90 hours of theory and practical training. All drivers passing through the training school undergo the same training regardless of the vehicle they will ultimately drive and we also use state-of-the-art in-vehicle technology combined. Even after drivers have qualified, we have dedicated retraining programs to ensure our high standards are maintained.


Coach USA is doing its part to be an environmentally friendly company. We are helping to make bus travel the best alternative and "green" form of transportation there is. We have reduced the carbon impact of our business (CO2 compared with sales) by 37% in the United States and by 26% in Canada. This has been achieved through programs focused on improving energy efficiency at our facilities; reducing carbon emissions from our fleet and helping our customers achieve greener transportation services. Megabus inter-city bus service has been recognized as the greenest operator in the bus industry by the United Motorcoach Association.  We have also invested in a hi-tech system to cut the risk of accidents while reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.


Additionally, Coach USA has partnered with Samsara to increase safety and reduce fuel consumption. The Samsara onboard camera systems monitor both the interior and exterior of our vehicles while in operation.  Coach USA leverages Samsara’s solutions to reduce risky driving behaviors and the number of incidents on the road while also increasing fuel economy through the reduction of idling, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. Samsara's insights on Coach USA’s expansive fleet are an important tool for improving passengers’ onboard comfort and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. 


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