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​​​​​​Coach USA provides Commuter Services, Airport Transportation, Sightseeing, Tours, Charters, Contract Services, and more.

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Bus Schedules

Our number one priority is providing our customers with safe and reliable transportation options. Our convenient bus routes will get you downtown, to the office, airport, or wherever you need to go. Learn more

Airport Transportation

If you are heading off on your next vacation or business trip, let us help you take the hassle out of your travel plans. We can get you to or from Newark Liberty International, Chicago O’Hare, LAX and more! Learn more


Coach USA’s professional and experienced staff can assist you and your group with a wide range of services and transportation options for corporate events, weddings, church outings, senior clubs, and more. Learn more


Explore some of the most iconic landmarks in the world like Times Square, Central Park, Wrigleyville, and Notre Dame Basilica with our sightseeing tours of New York City, Chicago or Montreal. Learn more


Our experienced tour guides are ready to make the vacation of your choice a truly memorable experience. We offer theater trips, museum tours, casino trips, weekend getaways, cross country tours, and more. Learn more

Contract Services

Coach USA provides services to businesses, corporations, academic clients, municipal, and government agencies who are interested in on-vehicle advertising, contract services, bodywork & repairs, and more. Learn more

Coach USA 24 Line

Local Transit with Coach USA's 24 Line

Coach USA keeps you on the move with our local transit bus routes. Look for your town under bus schedules to the right of this page for local transit schedules.

We are proud to serve Orange and Newark, NJ with convenient and reliable local bus transportation.


Orange, NJ
Newark, NJ
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of Travel


Erie Loop
Scotland Rd &Central Yard
Raymond Blvd
Broad and Market St.
Lincoln Park
Elizabeth City Line
Weekdays 4:40a   <> 5:06a 5:10a 5:14a 5:27a  
Weekdays 4:50a 4:53a <> 5:16a 5:20a 5:24a 5:37a  
Saturday 5:00a   <>   5:30a   5:49a  
Weekdays 5:00a   <> 5:26a 5:30a 5:34a 5:47a  
Weekdays 5:10a 5:13a <> 5:36a 5:40a 5:44a 5:57a  
Sunday 5:20a   <>   5:45a   6:00a  
Weekdays 5:20a   <> 5:46a 5:50a 5:54a 6:07a  
Weekdays 5:30a 5:33a <> 5:59a 6:03a 6:07a 6:20a  
Saturday 5:32a 5:36a <>   6:00a   6:19a  
Weekdays 5:40a   <> 6:09a 6:13a 6:17a 6:30a  
Saturday 5:50a   <>   6:20a   6:39a  
Sunday 5:50a 5:52a <>   6:15a   6:30a  
Weekdays 5:50a 5:53a <> 6:21a 6:25a 6:29a 6:43a  
Weekdays 6:00a   <> 6:29a 6:33a 6:37a 6:51a  
Weekdays 6:07a 6:10a <> 6:41a 6:45a 6:49a 7:03a  
Saturday 6:12a 6:16a <>   6:40a   6:59a  
Weekdays 6:17a   <> 6:51a 6:55a 6:59a    
Sunday 6:20a   <>   6:45a   7:00a  
Weekdays 6:27a 6:30a <> 7:01a 7:05a 7:09a 7:23a  
Saturday 6:30a   <>   7:00a   7:19a  
Weekdays 6:37a   <> 7:11a 7:15a 7:19a    
Weekdays 6:45a 6:48a <> 7:19a 7:23a 7:27a 7:41a  
Weekdays 6:50a   <> 7:24a 7:28a 7:32a    
Sunday 6:50a 6:52a <>   7:15a   7:30a  
Saturday 6:52a 6:56a <>   7:20a   7:39a  
Operates Erie Loop Scotland Rd &Central Yard   Raymond Blvd
Broad and Market St.
Lincoln Park
Elizabeth City Line Route/Trip
Weekdays 6:58a 7:01a <> 7:32a 7:36a 7:40a 7:54a  
Weekdays 7:03a   <> 7:37a 7:41a 7:45a 7:59a  
Saturday 7:10a   <>   7:40a   7:59a  
Weekdays 7:12a 7:15a <> 7:46a 7:50a 7:54a 8:08a  
Weekdays 7:17a   <> 7:51a 7:55a 7:59a 8:13a  
Sunday 7:20a   <>   7:45a   8:00a  
Weekdays 7:25a 7:28a <> 7:59a 8:03a 8:07a 8:21a  
Weekdays 7:31a   <> 8:07a 8:11a 8:15a 8:29a  
Saturday 7:30a 7:34a <>   8:00a   8:19a  
Weekdays 7:39a 7:42a <> 8:13a 8:17a 8:21a 8:35a  
Weekdays 7:45a   <> 8:19a 8:23a 8:27a 8:41a  
Saturday 7:50a   <>   8:20a   8:39a  
Sunday 7:50a 7:53a <>   8:20a   8:35a  
Weekdays 7:54a 7:57a <> 8:28a 8:32a 8:36a 8:50a  
Weekdays 8:00a   <> 8:36a 8:40a 8:44a 8:58a  
Weekdays 8:10a 8:13a <> 8:44a 8:48a 8:52a 9:06a  
Saturday 8:10a 8:14a <>   8:40a   8:59a  
Weekdays 8:17a   <> 8:51a 8:55a 8:59a 9:13a  
Sunday 8:20a   <>   8:50a   9:05a  
Weekdays 8:27a 8:30a <> 9:01a 9:05a 9:09a 9:23a  
Saturday 8:30a   <>   9:00a   9:19a  
Weekdays 8:37a   <> 9:11a 9:15a 9:19a 9:33a  
Weekdays 8:47a 8:50a <> 9:21a 9:25a 9:29a 9:43a  
Sunday 8:50a 8:53a <>   9:22a   9:40a  
Saturday 8:50a 8:54a <>   9:20a   9:39a  
Operates Erie Loop Scotland Rd &Central Yard   Raymond Blvd Broad and Market St. Lincoln Park Elizabeth City Line Route/Trip
Weekdays 8:57a   <> 9:31a 9:35a 9:39a 9:53a  
Saturday 9:03a   <>   9:33a   9:52a  
Weekdays 9:07a 9:10a <> 9:41a 9:45a 9:49a 10:03a  
Weekdays 9:17a   <> 9:51a 9:55a 9:59a 10:13a  
Saturday 9:15a 9:19a <>   9:45a   10:04a  
Sunday 9:20a   <>   9:53a   10:11a  
Saturday 9:27a   <>   9:57a   10:16a  
Weekdays 9:27a 9:30a <> 10:01a 10:05a 10:09a 10:23a  
Weekdays 9:37a   <> 10:11a 10:15a 10:19a 10:33a  
Saturday 9:39a 9:43a <>   10:12a   10:31a  
Saturday 9:48a   <>   10:25a   10:44a  
Weekdays 9:47a 9:50a <> 10:21a 10:25a 10:29a 10:43a  
Sunday 9:50a 9:54a <>   10:23a   10:41a  
Weekdays 9:57a   <> 10:31a 10:35a 10:39a 10:53a  
Saturday 10:02a 10:06a <>   10:37a   10:56a  
Weekdays 10:07a 10:10a <> 10:41a 10:45a 10:49a 11:03a  
Saturday 10:11a   <>   10:49a   11:08a  
Weekdays 10:17a   <> 10:51a 10:55a 10:59a 11:13a  
Sunday 10:20a   <>   10:53a   11:11a  
Saturday 10:26a 10:30a <>   11:01a   11:20a  
Weekdays 10:27a 10:30a <> 11:01a 11:05a 11:09a 11:23a  
Saturday 10:35a   <>   11:13a   11:32a  
Weekdays 10:37a   <> 11:11a 11:15a 11:19a 11:33a  
Sunday 10:45a 10:49a <>   11:18a   11:36a  
Weekdays 10:47a 10:50a <> 11:21a 11:25a 11:29a 11:42a  
Operates Erie Loop Scotland Rd &Central Yard   Raymond Blvd Broad and Market St. Lincoln Park Elizabeth City Line Route/Trip
Saturday 10:50a 10:54a <>   11:25a   11:44a  
Weekdays 10:57a   <> 11:31a 11:35a 11:39a 11:53a  
Saturday 10:59a   <>   11:37a   11:56a  
Sunday 11:05a   <>   11:38a   11:56a  
Weekdays 11:07a 11:10a <> 11:41a 11:45a 11:49a 12:02p  
Weekdays 11:17a   <> 11:51a 11:55a 11:59a 12:13p  
Saturday 11:14a 11:18a <>   11:49a   12:08p  
Saturday 11:23a   <>   12:01p   12:20p  
Sunday 11:25a 11:29a <>   11:58a   12:16p  
Weekdays 11:27a 11:30a <> 12:01p 12:05p 12:09p 12:22p  
Weekdays 11:37a   <> 12:11p 12:15p 12:19p 12:32p  
Saturday 11:38a 11:42a <>   12:13p   12:32p  
Sunday 11:45a   <>   12:18p   12:36p  
Saturday 11:47a   <>   12:25p   12:44p  
Weekdays 11:47a 11:50a <> 12:21p 12:25p 12:29p 12:42p  
Weekdays 11:57a   <> 12:31p 12:35p 12:39p 12:52p  
Saturday 12:02p 12:06p <>   12:37p   12:56p  
Sunday 12:05p 12:09p <>   12:38p   12:56p  
Weekdays 12:07p 12:10p <> 12:41p 12:45p 12:49p 1:02p  
Saturday 12:11p   <>   12:49p   1:08p  
Weekdays 12:17p   <> 12:51p 12:55p 12:59p 1:12p  
Sunday 12:25p   <>   12:58p   1:16p  
Saturday 12:26p 12:30p <>   1:01p   1:20p  
Weekdays 12:27p 12:30p <> 1:01p 1:05p 1:09p 1:22p  
Saturday 12:35p   <>   1:13p   1:32p  
Erie Loop
Scotland Rd &Central Yard
Raymond Blvd
Broad and Market St.
Lincoln Park
Elizabeth City Line
Weekdays 12:37p   <> 1:11p 1:15p 1:19p 1:32p  
Sunday 12:45p 12:49p <>   1:18p   1:36p  
Weekdays 12:47p 12:50p <> 1:21p 1:25p 1:29p 1:42p  
Saturday 12:50p 12:54p <>   1:25p   1:44p  
Weekdays 12:57p   <> 1:31p 1:35p 1:39p 1:52p  
Saturday 12:59p   <>   1:37p   1:56p  
Sunday 1:05p   <>   1:38p   1:56p  
Weekdays 1:07p 1:10p <> 1:41p 1:45p 1:49p 2:02p  
Weekdays 1:17p   <> 1:51p 1:55p 1:59p 2:12p  
Saturday 1:14p 1:18p <>   1:49p   2:08p  
Saturday 1:23p   <>   2:01p   2:20p  
Sunday 1:25p 1:29p <>   1:58p   2:16p  
Weekdays 1:27p 1:30p <> 2:01p 2:05p 2:09p 2:22p  
Weekdays 1:37p   <> 2:11p 2:15p 2:19p 2:32p  
Saturday 1:38p 1:42p <>   2:13p   2:32p  
Sunday 1:45p   <>   2:18p   2:36p  
Saturday 1:47p   <>   2:25p   2:44p  
Weekdays 1:47p 1:50p <> 2:21p 2:25p 2:29p 2:42p  
Weekdays 1:57p   <> 2:31p 2:35p 2:39p 2:52p  
Saturday 2:02p 2:06p <>   2:37p   2:56p  
Sunday 2:05p 2:09p <>   2:38p   2:56p  
Weekdays 2:07p 2:10p <> 2:41p 2:45p 2:49p 3:02p  
Saturday 2:11p   <>   2:49p   3:08p  
Weekdays 2:17p   <> 2:51p 2:55p 2:59p 3:14p  
Sunday 2:25p   <>   2:58p   3:16p  
Erie Loop
Scotland Rd &Central Yard
Raymond Blvd
Broad and Market St.
Lincoln Park
Elizabeth City Line
Saturday 2:26p 2:30p <>   3:01p   3:20p  
Weekdays 2:27p 2:30p <> 3:01p 3:05p 3:09p 3:24p  
Saturday 2:35p   <>   3:13p   3:32p  
Weekdays 2:37p   <> 3:11p 3:15p 3:19p 3:34p  
Sunday 2:45p 2:49p <>   3:18p   3:36p  
Weekdays 2:47p 2:50p <> 3:21p 3:25p 3:29p 3:44p  
Saturday 2:50p 2:54p <>   3:25p   3:44p  
Weekdays 2:57p   <> 3:32p 3:36p 3:40p 3:55p  
Saturday 2:59p   <>   3:37p   3:56p  
Sunday 3:05p   <>   3:38p   3:56p  
Weekdays 3:07p 3:10p <> 3:43p 3:47p 3:51p 4:06p  
Weekdays 3:17p   <> 3:54p 3:58p 4:02p 4:17p  
Saturday 3:14p 3:18p <>   3:49p   4:08p  
Saturday 3:23p   <>   4:01p   4:20p  
Sunday 3:25p 3:29p <>   3:58p   4:16p  
Weekdays 3:27p 3:31p <> 4:06p 4:10p 4:14p 4:29p  
Weekdays 3:33p   <> 4:10p 4:14p 4:18p 4:33p  
Saturday 3:38p 3:42p <>   4:13p   4:32p  
Sunday 3:45p   <>   4:18p   4:36p  
Saturday 3:47p   <>   4:25p   4:44p  
Weekdays 3:48p 3:52p <> 4:25p 4:29p 4:33p 4:48p  
Weekdays 4:03p   <> 4:40p 4:44p 4:48p 5:03p  
Saturday 4:02p 4:06p <>   4:37p   4:56p  
Sunday 4:05p 4:09p <>   4:38p   4:56p  
Saturday 4:11p   <>   4:49p   5:08p  
Erie Loop
Scotland Rd &Central Yard
Raymond Blvd
Broad and Market St.
Lincoln Park
Elizabeth City Line
Weekdays 4:17p   <> 4:33p 4:37p 4:41p 4:56p  
Weekdays 4:16p 4:20p <> 4:55p 4:59p 5:03p 5:18p  
Sunday 4:25p   <>   4:58p   5:16p  
Saturday 4:26p 4:30p <>   5:01p   5:18p  
Weekdays 4:33p   <> 5:10p 5:14p 5:18p 5:33p  
Saturday 4:35p   <>   5:13p   5:32p  
Weekdays 4:47p   <> 5:03p 5:07p 5:11p 5:26p  
Sunday 4:45p 4:49p <>   5:18p   5:36p  
Weekdays 4:46p 4:50p <> 5:23p 5:27p 5:31p 5:46p  
Saturday 4:50p 4:54p <>   5:21p   5:38p  
Saturday 5:00p   <>   5:33p   5:52p  
Weekdays 5:01p   <> 5:38p 5:42p 5:46p 6:00p  
Weekdays 5:02p   <> 5:18p 5:22p 5:26p 5:41p  
Sunday 5:05p   <>   5:38p   5:56p  
Weekdays 5:15p   <> 5:31p 5:35p 5:39p 5:54p  
Saturday 5:15p 5:19p <>   5:45p   6:02p  
Weekdays 5:17p 5:21p <> 5:54p 5:58p 6:02p 6:16p  
Saturday 5:27p   <>   5:57p   6:16p  
Sunday 5:25p 5:29p <>   5:58p   6:16p  
Weekdays 5:30p   <> 5:46p 5:50p 5:54p 6:08p  
Weekdays 5:34p   <> 6:11p 6:15p 6:19p 6:31p  
Saturday 5:39p 5:43p <>   6:09p   6:26p  
Sunday 5:45p   <>   6:18p   6:36p  
Weekdays 5:46p   <> 6:02p 6:06p 6:10p 6:24p  
Weekdays 5:44p 5:48p <> 6:21p 6:25p 6:29p 6:41p  
Erie Loop
Scotland Rd &Central Yard
Raymond Blvd
Broad and Market St.
Lincoln Park
Elizabeth City Line
Saturday 5:51p   <>   6:21p   6:40p  
Weekdays 5:55p   <> 6:31p 6:35p 6:39p 6:51p  
Saturday 6:03p 6:07p <>   6:33p   6:50p  
Sunday 6:05p 6:09p <>   6:38p   6:56p  
Weekdays 6:05p 6:09p <> 6:41p 6:45p 6:49p 7:01p  
Saturday 6:15p   <>   6:45p   7:04p  
Sunday 6:25p   <>   6:58p   7:16p  
Weekdays 6:25p   <> 7:00p 7:04p 7:08p 7:20p  
Saturday 6:30p 6:34p <>   7:00p   7:17p  
Weekdays 6:35p 6:38p <> 7:10p 7:14p 7:18p 7:30p  
Saturday 6:45p   <>   7:15p   7:34p  
Sunday 6:45p 6:49p <>   7:16p   7:31p  
Weekdays 7:00p   <> 7:35p 7:39p 7:43p 7:55p  
Sunday 7:05p   <>   7:35p   7:50p  
Saturday 7:05p 7:09p <>   7:35p   7:52p  
Weekdays 7:15p 7:18p <> 7:50p 7:54p 7:58p 8:10p  
Saturday 7:25p   <>   7:55p   8:12p  
Sunday 7:25p 7:28p <>   7:55p   8:10p  
Weekdays 7:30p   <> 8:05p 8:09p 8:13p 8:24p  
Sunday 7:45p   <>   8:15p   8:30p  
Weekdays 7:45p 7:48p <> 8:20p 8:24p 8:28p 8:39p  
Saturday 7:45p 7:49p <>   8:15p   8:30p  
Weekdays 8:00p   <> 8:26p 8:30p 8:34p 8:45p  
Saturday 8:05p   <>   8:35p   8:50p  
Sunday 8:05p 8:08p <>   8:35p   8:50p  
Erie Loop
Scotland Rd and Central Ave
Raymond Blvd
Broad & Market Sts
Lincoln park
Elizabeth City Line
Weekdays 8:15p 8:18p <> 8:41p 8:45p 8:49p 9:00p  
Sunday 8:25p   <>   8:55p   9:10p  
Saturday 8:25p 8:29p <>   8:55p   9:10p  
Weekdays 8:30p   <> 8:56p 9:00p 9:04p 9:15p  
Saturday 8:45p   <>   9:15p   9:30p  
Sunday 8:45p 8:48p <>   9:15p   9:30p  
Weekdays 8:45p 8:48p <> 9:11p 9:15p 9:19p 9:30p  
Weekdays 9:00p   <> 9:26p 9:30p 9:34p 9:45p  
Sunday 9:05p   <>   9:35p   9:50p  
Saturday 9:05p 9:09p <>   9:35p   9:50p  
Weekdays 9:15p 9:18p <> 9:41p 9:45p 9:49p 10:00p  
Saturday 9:25p   <>   9:55p   10:10p  
Sunday 9:25p 9:28p <>   9:55p   10:10p  
Weekdays 9:30p   <> 9:56p 10:00p 10:04p 10:15p  
Sunday 9:45p   <>   10:15p   10:30p  
Weekdays 9:45p 9:48p <> 10:11p 10:15p 10:19p 10:30p  
Saturday 9:45p 9:49p <>   10:15p   10:30p  
Weekdays 10:15p   <> 10:41p 10:45p 10:49p 11:00p  
Saturday 10:15p   <>   10:45p   11:00p  
Sunday 10:15p 10:18p <>   10:45p   11:00p  
Sunday 10:45p   <>   11:15p   11:30p  
Weekdays 10:45p 10:48p <> 11:11p 11:15p 11:19p 11:30p  
Saturday 10:45p 10:49p <>   11:15p   11:30p  
Weekdays 11:15p   <> 11:41p 11:45p 11:49p 12:00at  
Saturday 11:15p   <>   11:45p   12:00at  
Erie Loop
Scotland Rd and Central Ave
Raymond Blvd
Broad & Market Streets
Lincoln Park
Elizabeth City Line
Sunday 11:15p 11:18p <>   11:45p   12:00at  
Sunday 11:45p   <>   12:15at   12:30at  
Weekdays 11:45p 11:48p <> 12:11at 12:15at 12:19at 12:30at  
Saturday 11:45p 11:49p <>   12:15at   12:30at  
Weekdays 12:15at   <> 12:41at 12:45at 12:49at 1:00at  
Sunday 12:15at 12:18at <>   12:45at   1:00at  
Sunday 12:45at   <>   1:15at   1:30at  
Weekdays 12:45at 12:48at <> 1:11at 1:15at 1:19at 1:30at  
Saturday 12:45at 12:49at <>   1:15at   1:30at  
Saturday 1:15at   <>   1:45at   1:00at  

t Indicates next day.
We will make every effort to operate the above schedules. However, delays may occur from time to time due to traffic congestion and other unforeseen circumstances. Always allow ample time for situations beyond our control.

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24 Line Route Map

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Holiday Schedule

ONE Bus Services and Schedules

Ride With Us!

Coach USA is proud to serve Orange, Newark, and Elizabeth, NJ with convenient and reliable local bus transportation.


Our Routes




Route 24

Orange, NJ to Newark, NJ  

Click Here For PDF Schedul
e & Map

Route 31

South Orange
To Newark, NJ

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 & Map

Route 44

East Orange, NJ
To Newark, NJ 

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 & Map

Please note that any passenger requiring an ADA accessible bus must inform us no later than 48 hours prior to departure. Please contact our dispatch department at 908-354-3330 x234 to make arrangements.


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Travel To Orange, Newark and Elizabeth 

ONE Bus is proud to be a part of the Coach USA family.  We offer reliable local transit services across Orange, Newark and Elizabeth New Jersey.

ONE Bus Local Transit Services

ONE Bus offers transit services to various locations in New Jersey. Find the locations that pertain to you. 

One Bus Service Advisories

Did you know that we provide service alerts for our routes? Check our service advisories for the most up to date alerts.

Community Coach Commuter Services

Commute With Us!

In the wake of COVID-19, we have implemented stringent new cleaning and social distancing procedures for all buses.  Learn more here.

We are running limited schedules effective June 15, 2020.  For the most up to date schedules, please use the "Bus Routes" widget at the right of this page.

We provide scheduled commuter service from Morris and Essex Counties to New York City and locations in between. Our buses load at Port Authority gates 412 and 413 in the North Building of the Port Authority Bus Terminal. 

You can purchase your tickets on board our bus or at our terminal in NYC. All fares must be paid in cash to the bus operator upon boarding the bus (with no bill larger than a ten-dollar ($10) denomination) or at our New York City ticket windows 11-15 in the Port Authority Bus Terminal.


Our Routes

East Hanover, NJ <> New York, NY

East Orange, NJ <> New York, NY

Florham Park, NJ <> New York, NY

Livingston, NJ <> New York, NY

Meadowlands/MetLife, NJ <> New York, NY

Morristown, NJ <> New York, NY

West Orange, NJ <> New York, NY

Whippany, NJ <> New York, NY


Click Here For Fare Information and Tickets

Holiday Schedules

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Community Coach Bus

Welcome to Community Coach

Community Coach is proud to be a part of the Coach USA family.  We offer reliable service between New Jersey and New York as well as charter bus rentals. 

Community Commute With Us

Our reliable service offers transportation from various locations in New Jersey to select stops in New York. Learn more.

Community Charter Services

When you charter a bus with Coach USA you are opting for convenient, professional, and reliable service that your group will love. 

Community 351 Meadowlands Service

Did you know that we offer express service to MetLife Stadium?! Learn more about our convenient and direct service to special events today. 

Community Commuter Alerts

Commuters can sign up to receive service and traffic advisories by email for Community Coach. You can also email us at to request that we add or remove your e-mail address from our list at any time.

Kerrville Bus Company

Welcome to Kerrville Bus Company

Kerrville Bus Company is part of the Coach USA family, providing quality motorcoach transportation in Texas for more than 90 years.

KBC Casino Tours

Feeling lucky? We offer one-day turnaround trips to Coushatta Casino Resort, Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotel, and L’Auberge Casino Resort. We offer overnight trips to Coushatta Casino Resort only.

KBC College Transport

Coach USA provides one-way and roundtrip transportation at Baylor University, Prairie View A&M, Texas A&M, and Texas State University. Learn more about our stops and service nearest you. 

KBC Charter

We offer first-class Charter Service that can be custom tailored to fit your group's specific needs.

Kerrville Military Booking
Military Booking

We provide quality transportation to our military officials using our DoD Approved fleet of vehicles.

Lakefront Lines

Welcome to Lakefront Lines 

We are a part of the Coach USA family and have grown to be the largest motorcoach company in the State of Ohio. Headquartered in Cleveland Ohio, with locations in Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati, we are conveniently located to serve Ohio, Michigan and many more regions.

Lakefront Bus Tours

Looking for a fun excursion? Hop on our bus! We offer one-day tours, multi-day tours, and casino tour packages.

Lakefront Bus Charter

No matter your group’s size or charter bus destination, our team is here for your busing needs. 

Lakefront Professional Staff
Professional Staff

Receive first-class customer service from our experienced charter bus staff members. Our professional staff is ready to assist with your travel details.

Lakefront Social Media

Keep up to date with our latest tours, offers, and promotions.

Dillon's Bus Service Schedules

Gaithersburg to BWI Airport Commuter Bus Services:

  • 201 Commuter Bus
    The 201 Commuter Bus route provides service between the Gaithersburg Park and Ride(I-270 & MD 124) and BWI Airport. The 201 Route is a seven day a week, 365 days a year with a multi-stop route offering service in both directions. There are 34 weekday and 30 weekend/holiday trips listed on the schedule.

Columbia to Bethesda Commuter Bus Services:

  • 203 Commuter Bus
    The 203 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Columbia and NIH/Walter Reed in Bethesda, MD.

Kent Island/Annapolis to Washington Commuter Bus Services:

  • 220 Commuter Bus
    The 220 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Annapolis, Truman and Washington.
  • 230 Commuter Bus
    The 230 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Severna Park, Annapolis, Truman and Washington.
  • 240 Commuter Bus
    The 240 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Kent Island and Washington.
  • 250 Commuter Bus
    The 250 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Kent Island, Davidsonville and Washington.
  • 260 Commuter Bus
    The 260 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Severna Park, Davidsonville and Washington.

Columbia, Maryland to Washington Commuter Bus services:

  • 335 Commuter Bus
    The 335 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Clarksville/Columbia and Washington.
  • 345 Commuter Bus
    The 345 Commuter Bus route provides trips between Ellicott City/Columbia and Washington.
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