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​​​​​​Coach USA provides Commuter Services, Airport Transportation, Sightseeing, Tours, Charters, Contract Services, and more.

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Our number one priority is providing our customers with safe and reliable transportation options. Our convenient bus routes will get you downtown, to the office, airport, or wherever you need to go. Learn more

Airport Transportation

If you are heading off on your next vacation or business trip, let us help you take the hassle out of your travel plans. We can get you to or from Newark Liberty International, Chicago O’Hare, LAX and more! Learn more


Coach USA’s professional and experienced staff can assist you and your group with a wide range of services and transportation options for corporate events, weddings, church outings, senior clubs, and more. Learn more


Explore some of the most iconic landmarks in the world like Times Square, Central Park, Wrigleyville, and Notre Dame Basilica with our sightseeing tours of New York City, Chicago or Montreal. Learn more


Our experienced tour guides are ready to make the vacation of your choice a truly memorable experience. We offer theater trips, museum tours, casino trips, weekend getaways, cross country tours, and more. Learn more

Contract Services

Coach USA provides services to businesses, corporations, academic clients, municipal, and government agencies who are interested in on-vehicle advertising, contract services, bodywork & repairs, and more. Learn more

ShortLine Scheduled Bus Service

Travel With Us!

Coach USA ShortLine is proud to service select locations in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania!  

Work can be stressful enough, so why deal with the rigors of city driving, traffic congestion, tolls, and parking?  Take control over your commute and listen to music, read the paper, or just get some sleep.

Our commuter routes serve New York City from Bergen County (via Route 17), Rockland County, Orange County, and Sullivan County.  Commuter service to Westchester and White Plains is also available from Orange and Rockland County.


Exit 14 Park/ride service in Nanuet - One way and Commuter tickets can be purchased online here or from the Port Authority, North or South wing ticket offices or Multiservices at 94 Orange Ave., Suffern.  In Nanuet one way and 10 trip tickets can be purchased at G& G Cards & Sweet Shop, 326 W. Rt. 59.

Our Lines:

For your convenience here are our full schedules in pdf format. Select your departure city to view or download the schedule you want in PDF format. Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print these files.






Bear Mountain- West Point - NYC

Bear Mountain, Rockland County, NYC

View PDF

Bergen County, NJ

 Paramus, Ridgewood, Mahwah, Suffern, NY, NYC 

View PDF


NYC, Monticello, Liberty, Ellenville, Fallsburg, Loch Sheldrake, Woodbourne, Roscoe, Ferndale, Narrowsburg

View PDF

Binghamton, New York City, Long Island

Westchester, Alfred, Corning, Elmira, Ithaca, Middletown, Newburgh, Olean, Poughkeepsie, Paramus/Ridgewood, NJ, Utica,  Albany, and Oneonta 

View PDF

Utica, Morrisville, Colgate

Westchester, Long Island, Binghamton, Ithaca, Olean

View PDF

Ithaca, Binghamton, Olean, Alfred, Elmira

New York City and All Points

View PDF

Ithaca to & from NYC - Ithaca to & from LI, Westchester

New York City, Long Island, Westchester

View PDF

Dutchess County - Newburgh

Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Vassar College, Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, NYC 

View PDF

Long Island Service

Long Island, Newburgh, Monticello, Binghamton, Olean, Ithaca

View PDF

Orange County to & from NYC

Monroe, Middletown, Newbugh, Goshen, Chester, Central Valley- NYC

View PDF

Sullivan County 

Local service within Sullivan County

View PDF

                 Orange County Local service within Orange County

View PDF

              Pennsylvania Points NYC, Ridgewood, NJ, Middletown & Port Jervis, NY, Milford, Hawley & Honesdale, PA

View PDF

   Brooklyn to Mountains summer service Boro Park and Midwood - Brooklyn to the Mountains - Monticello-South Fallsburg-Liberty-Loch Sheldrake-Woodridge

View PDF

       Eastside Manhattan Woodbury Common Service New York City- Eastside


        GWB / Eastside Manhattan Commuter Service Montgomery,  Washingtonville, Monroe,  Central Valley, Ridgewood, NJ

View PDF

           Ithaca Platinum Cornell, Ithaca College and 131 East Green Street- Express to NYC

View PDF

          Main Line Service Downtown Middletown, Goshen, Chester, Monroe & Harriman

View PDF

          Northern District Nanuet-Exit 14 to Midtown and Wall Street

View PDF

        Northern District Mahwah, Oakland, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff to NYC

View PDF

    Orange Westchester Link Middletown,  Goshen, Monroe, Central Valley to Westchester

View PDF



(Please note: If you can not open the pdf or are having problems reading the schedule, please use the search engine on the right to find your schedule information.)



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Important Service Information


44 Line Route Map

Route Map for Coach USA's 44 Line

Coach USA's 44 line offers bus service from Orange Train Station to Newark Penn Station with stops at Veteran's Hospital and Central & Munn Avenue.

Route 44 map

Welcome to ShortLine

Welcome to ShortLine

Shortline is proud to be a member of the Coach USA family.  When it comes to your New York-New Jersey area transportation needs, you can always count on the reliable service of Shortline. We provide convenient commuter buses, intercity bus service and charter services as well as entertaining tours.

Travel with Us

Take control over your travel or commute with Coach USA. Travel to New York City from Rockland, Orange and Sullivan County in NY, Bergen County, NJ, and Pike County, PA.

ShortLine Charter Services

We offer first-class Charter Service that can be custom tailored to fit your group's specific needs.

Tours and Day Trips

We are pleased to offer many exciting day trips from the New York City area to points of interest in Hudson Valley and Catskills including Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, Storm King Art Center, Bear Mountain, West Point, and more! Shop, dine, and visit one-of-a-kind destinations.

College Transportation

We offer special student discounts and TGIF fares for several colleges in the area, including Cornell, Ithaca, Binghamton, Morrisville, Alfred, and more!

ShortLine Casino Tours

Feeling lucky? With Coach USA you can venture to the heart of New York's Catskill region and visit Resort Worldwide Catskills Casino Resort for a much needed relaxing getaway.

ShortLine Commuter Alerts

Stay up to date on your commute by signing up for ShortLine's Commuter Alerts! Click here to get started.

Ithaca Platinum

Platinum Express Ithaca/NYC service non-stop every day! On-campus pickups for Cornell and Ithaca students! Free snacks and drinks and now offering our new state-of-the-art buses. Buy your ticket today here! Only $45.00.

Coach USA 44 Line

Local Transit with Coach USA's 44 Line

Coach USA keeps you on the move with our local transit bus routes. Look for your town under bus schedules to the right of this page for local transit schedules.

We are proud to serve East Orange and Newark, NJ with convenient and reliable local bus transportation.


East Orange, NJ
Newark, NJ
  Select Day
of Travel
Veteran's Hospital
Central & Munn Aves
Newark Penn Station
Weekdays 5:11a 5:18a <> 5:35a  
Weekdays 5:51a 5:58a <> 6:15a  
Saturday 6:37a 6:42a <> 6:57a  
Weekdays 6:34a 6:44a <> 7:02a  
Sunday 6:47a 6:52a <> 7:07a  
Saturday 7:22a 7:27a <> 7:42a  
Weekdays 7:29a 7:39a <> 7:57a  
Sunday 8:02a 8:09a <> 8:24a  
Saturday 8:27a 8:34a <> 8:52a  
Weekdays 8:29a 8:39a <> 8:57a  
Sunday 9:17a 9:24a <> 9:39a  
Weekdays 9:27a 9:34a <> 9:51a  
Saturday 9:27a 9:34a <> 9:52a  
Weekdays 10:27a 10:34a <> 10:51a  
Saturday 10:27a 10:35a <> 10:55a  
Sunday 10:32a 10:39a <> 10:54a  
Weekdays 11:27a 11:34a <> 11:51a  
Saturday 11:27a 11:35a <> 11:55a  
Sunday 11:52a 11:59a <> 12:14p  
Weekdays 12:27p 12:34p <> 12:51p  
Saturday 12:27p 12:35p <> 12:55p  
Sunday 1:12p 1:19p <> 1:34p  
Weekdays 1:27p 1:34p <> 1:51p  
Saturday 1:27p 1:35p <> 1:55p  
Weekdays 2:27p 2:34p <> 2:51p  
Veteran's Hospital
Central & Munn Aves
Newark Penn Station
Saturday 2:27p 2:35p <> 2:55p  
Sunday 2:32p 2:39p <> 2:54p  
Weekdays 3:27p 3:35p <> 3:56p  
Saturday 3:27p 3:35p <> 3:55p  
Sunday 3:52p 3:59p <> 4:14p  
Weekdays 4:27p 4:35p <> 4:56p  
Saturday 4:27p 4:35p <> 4:55p  
Sunday 5:12p 5:19p <> 5:34p  
Weekdays 5:27p 5:34p <> 5:50p  
Saturday 5:27p 5:35p <> 5:55p  
Weekdays 6:27p 6:34p <> 6:50p  
Saturday 6:27p 6:34p <> 6:52p  
Sunday 6:32p 6:39p <> 6:54p  
Weekdays 7:35p 7:40p <> 7:55p  
Saturday 7:37p 7:44p <> 8:02p  
Sunday 7:47p 7:54p <> 8:09p  
Saturday 8:47p 8:52p <> 9:07p  
Sunday 8:47p 8:52p <> 9:07p  
Weekdays 8:48p 8:53p <> 9:08p  
Saturday 9:52p 9:57p <> 10:12p  
Weekdays 9:53p 9:58p <> 10:13p  
Sunday 9:57p 10:02p <> 10:17p  
Saturday 11:02p 11:07p <> 11:22p  
Weekdays 11:03p 11:08p <> 11:23p  
Sunday 11:07p 11:12p <> 11:27p  
Veteran's Hospital
Central & Munn Aves
Newark Penn Station
Saturday 12:06at 12:11at <> 12:26at  
Weekdays 12:07at 12:12at <> 12:27at  

t Indicates next day.
We will make every effort to operate the above schedules. However, delays may occur from time to time due to traffic congestion and other unforeseen circumstances. Always allow ample time for situations beyond our control.


Coach USA 31 Line

Local Transit with Coach USA's 31 Line

Coach USA keeps you on the move with our local transit bus routes.Look for your town under bus schedules to the right of this page for local transit schedules.

We are proud to serve South Orange and Newark, NJ with convenient and reliable local bus transportation.


South Orange, NJ
Newark, NJ
  Select Day
of Travel
S. Orange Center
Dover Street
Grove Street
Bergen Avenue
Broad & Market Sts
Newark Penn Station
Weekdays 5:35a <> 5:40a 5:48a 5:54a 6:01a 6:06a  
Weekdays 6:04a <> 6:09a 6:17a 6:23a 6:30a 6:35a  
Sunday 6:30a <> 6:33a 6:39a 6:43a 6:48a 6:51a  
Saturday 6:30a <> 6:33a 6:40a 6:45a 6:52a 6:55a  
Weekdays 6:36a <> 6:41a 6:49a 6:55a 7:02a 7:07a  
Weekdays 7:06a <> 7:11a 7:21a 7:28a 7:35a 7:40a  
Sunday 7:30a <> 7:33a 7:39a 7:43a 7:48a 7:51a  
Saturday 7:30a <> 7:33a 7:40a 7:45a 7:52a 7:55a  
Weekdays 7:36a <> 7:41a 7:51a 7:58a 8:05a 8:10a  
Weekdays 8:06a <> 8:11a 8:21a 8:28a 8:35a 8:40a  
Sunday 8:30a <> 8:33a 8:39a 8:43a 8:48a 8:51a  
Saturday 8:30a <> 8:33a 8:40a 8:45a 8:52a 8:55a  
Weekdays 8:36a <> 8:41a 8:51a 8:58a 9:05a 9:10a  
Weekdays 9:06a <> 9:11a 9:21a 9:27a 9:34a 9:39a  
Sunday 9:30a <> 9:33a 9:40a 9:45a 9:52a 9:55a  
Saturday 9:33a <> 9:36a 9:44a 9:50a 9:58a 10:01a  
Weekdays 9:35a <> 9:40a 9:50a 9:56a 10:03a 10:08a  
Sunday 10:30a <> 10:33a 10:40a 10:45a 10:52a 10:55a  
Saturday 10:33a <> 10:36a 10:44a 10:50a 10:58a 11:01a  
Weekdays 10:35a <> 10:40a 10:50a 10:56a 11:03a 11:08a  
Sunday 11:30a <> 11:33a 11:40a 11:45a 11:52a 11:55a  
Saturday 11:33a <> 11:36a 11:44a 11:50a 11:58a 12:01p  
Weekdays 11:35a <> 11:40a 11:50a 11:56a 12:03p 12:08p  
Sunday 12:30p <> 12:33p 12:40p 12:45p 12:52p 12:55p  
Saturday 12:33p <> 12:36p 12:44p 12:50p 12:58p 1:01p  
S.Orange Center
Dover Street
Grove Street
Bergen Avenue
Broad & Market Sts
Newark Penn Station
Weekdays 12:35p <> 12:40p 12:50p 12:56p 1:03p 1:08p  
Sunday 1:30p <> 1:33p 1:40p 1:45p 1:52p 1:55p  
Saturday 1:33p <> 1:36p 1:44p 1:50p 1:58p 2:01p  
Weekdays 1:35p <> 1:40p 1:50p 1:56p 2:03p 2:08p  
Sunday 2:30p <> 2:33p 2:40p 2:45p 2:52p 2:55p  
Saturday 2:33p <> 2:36p 2:44p 2:50p 2:58p 3:01p  
Weekdays 2:35p <> 2:40p 2:50p 2:55p 3:02p 3:07p  
Weekdays 3:05p <> 3:10p 3:20p 3:25p 3:32p 3:37p  
Sunday 3:30p <> 3:33p 3:40p 3:45p 3:52p 3:55p  
Saturday 3:33p <> 3:36p 3:44p 3:50p 3:58p 4:01p  
Weekdays 3:35p <> 3:40p 3:50p 3:55p 4:02p 4:07p  
Weekdays 4:08p <> 4:13p 4:23p 4:28p 4:35p 4:40p  
Sunday 4:30p <> 4:33p 4:40p 4:45p 4:52p 4:55p  
Saturday 4:33p <> 4:36p 4:44p 4:50p 4:58p 5:01p  
Weekdays 4:45p <> 4:50p 5:00p 5:05p 5:12p 5:17p  
Weekdays 5:15p <> 5:20p 5:30p 5:35p 5:42p 5:47p  
Sunday 5:30p <> 5:33p 5:40p 5:45p 5:52p 5:55p  
Saturday 5:33p <> 5:36p 5:44p 5:50p 5:58p 6:01p  
Weekdays 5:46p <> 5:51p 6:01p 6:06p 6:13p 6:17p  
Weekdays 6:11p <> 6:15p 6:23p 6:28p 6:35p 6:39p  
Sunday 6:30p <> 6:33p 6:40p 6:45p 6:52p 6:55p  
Saturday 6:33p <> 6:36p 6:44p 6:50p 6:58p 7:01p  
Weekdays 6:39p <> 6:43p 6:51p 6:56p 7:03p 7:07p  
Sunday 7:30p <> 7:33p 7:39p 7:43p 7:48p 7:51p  
Saturday 7:32p <> 7:35p 7:41p 7:46p 7:52p 7:55p  
S. Orange Center
Dover Street
Grove Street
Bergen Avenue
Broad & Market Sts
Newark Penn Station
Weekdays 7:39p <> 7:43p 7:51p 7:56p 8:03p 8:06p  
Sunday 8:30p <> 8:33p 8:39p 8:43p 8:48p 8:51p  
Saturday 8:32p <> 8:35p 8:41p 8:46p 8:52p 8:55p  
Weekdays 8:36p <> 8:40p 8:47p 8:52p 8:59p 9:02p  
Sunday 9:30p <> 9:33p 9:39p 9:43p 9:48p 9:51p  
Weekdays 9:31p <> 9:35p 9:42p 9:47p 9:54p 9:57p  
Saturday 9:32p <> 9:35p 9:41p 9:46p 9:52p 9:55p  
Weekdays 10:31p <> 10:35p 10:42p 10:47p 10:54p 10:57p  
Saturday 10:32p <> 10:35p 10:41p 10:46p 10:52p 10:55p  

We will make every effort to operate the above schedules. However, delays may occur from time to time due to traffic congestion and other unforeseen circumstances. Always allow ample time for situations beyond our control.

Complete Fares List

31 Line Route Map

Learn More About Our Reduced Fare Program

View Our Complete PDF Schedule 

Holiday Schedule



ONE Bus Holiday Schedule

Orange, Newark and Elizabeth Holiday Schedule

Please be advised that our schedules are subject to change on holidays.


 Holiday Schedule Operated

 New Year's Day

 Martin Luther King Day  Saturday
 President's Day (observed)  Saturday
 Memorial Day (observed)  Sunday
 Independence Day (observed)  Sunday
 Labor Day  Sunday
 Thanksgiving Day  Sunday
 Friday after Thanksgiving Day  Weekday
 Christmas Day  Sunday
 Day after Christmas  Weekday
 New Year's Eve  Weekday
Snow Emergency - Contact Us for More Information

31 Line Route Map

View The Stops Along our 31 Line

Coach USA's 31 Line travels from South Orange Center to Newark Penn Station.


Route 31 map

24 Line Route Map

Coach USA's 24 Line Route Map


Route 24 map

Rockland Important Things

Important Things to Know

Valid Tickets
Any ticket or ticket book that is mutilated or contains an erasure and/or alteration shall be void and forfeited to the Company.

Baggage or Luggage
The Company will not check or accept responsibility for baggage under any circumstances. However, hand baggage is permitted, provided the baggage is in the custody of a passenger (placed in overhead racks), does not block the aisle, and does not occupy a seat at the exclusion of another passenger.

The amount of baggage shall be limited to the available, safe baggage capacity of the vehicle. Under loaders will not be used. No piece of baggage will be accepted that would damage the vehicle, or be hazardous to passengers. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to refuse transportation of any piece of baggage or article exceeding 30 inches in length, or 20 inches in width, or 11 inches in depth.

Flammable items or other dangerous substances and articles will not be permitted on board any bus operated by this Company.

Pets and other Animals
Dogs, cats, birds, pets or other animals will be transported as luggage, provided the presence of the animal is not objectionable to the other passengers, and the animal is adequately secured in a kennel case or container. The kennel case or container can be no larger than 30 inches in length, or 20 inches in width, or 11 inches in depth. However, properly harnessed and trained guide dogs, accompanied by a fare-paying passenger, will be transported at no additional charge.

Lost and Found Articles
All inquiries concerning lost articles or baggage must be made as promptly as possible after the loss, to the Rockland Coaches Lost and Found Department, located at 180 Old Hook Road, Westwood, New Jersey 07675. Lost articles or baggage, if recovered by the Company, will be held up to 30 days (except perishable items and substances of a dangerous nature), during which period they may recovered by the owners, upon proper identification.

Prohibited Actions And Items
Passengers are prohibited from smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes), using tobacco products of any kind, eating, drinking or the playing of any type of music.

Refusal of Transportation
The Company reserves the right to refuse transportation to any person:

  • Who is under the influence of intoxicating liquors or drugs, or who in the judgment of the Company's employees is incapable of taking care of himself (except a person in the care of an attending nurse or guardian).
  • Whose conduct is, or likely will become, objectionable to other passengers in general, or who interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle.
  • Who is not wearing footwear that protects the passenger feet against injury, which could result from stepping on an object, from stubbing his/her toes, or having his/her toes stepped on by another passenger.

This company is not responsible for delays, schedule changes, etc. The Company assumes no responsibility for claims resulting from delays, failure to make connections, schedule changes, strikes, acts of God, etc.

Non-Discrimination Policy
Rockland Coaches, Inc. is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from, or denied the benefits of our services on the basis of race, color, or national origin as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended. Any person who believes that they have, individually, or as a member of any specific class of persons, been subjected to discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin, may file a complaint in writing to Rockland Coaches, Inc. To file a complaint, or for more information on Rockland Coaches, Inc.'s obligations under Title VI write to: 180 Old Hook Rd., Westwood, NJ 07675

ROCKLAND COACHES INC. WILL EXCHANGE UP TO 5 UNUSED TICKETS WITHIN A SIXTY (60) DAY PERIOD, POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATE. YOU MUST SEND A SELF ADRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE WHEN MAILING BACK TICKETS TO ROCKLAND COACHES, INC., ATTN: TICKET REFUND, 180 OLD HOOK RD. WESTWOOD, NJ 07675. NO EXCHANGES WILL BE DONE AT ANY OF THE TICKET WINDOWS AT THE PABT OR GWB OR BY ANY BUS DRIVER. REFUND POLICY FOR INDIVIDUAL TICKETS WILL REMAIN THE SAME; POSTMARKED ON OR BEFORE THE 40 DAY EXPIRATION DATE FOR A REFUND WITH A 15% SURCHARGE. Lost, destroyed, or mutilated tickets will not be redeemed in whole or in part. Requests for refund on unused tickets or ticket books with an expiration date must be made before the expiration date on the ticket.- Requests for refund on unused tickets or ticket books without an expiration date must be made within one (1) year after the date of purchase. Requests for refund will be accepted at the Company's office at 180 Old Hook Road, Westwood, New Jersey 07675. Refunds will be remitted within 30 days after the application is made.

Download a copy of the Title VI Complaint Form.

Rockland Coaches Where To buy

Where to Buy

On Board

All fares must be paid to the bus operator upon boarding the bus. The operator will issue you a receipt for each transaction, which must be surrendered when you disembark.  Fares may be paid in cash, provided the fare is paid with a bill no larger than a ten-dollar ($10) denomination.

During designated times at terminal points, tickets must be purchased before boarding the bus, provided a ticket agent is on duty.



The Port Authority 41st Street Bus Terminal - Main Concourse - Ticket Windows 11 through 15.
Hours for this location are:
Monday thru Friday- Opens 6am and closes 8pm
Saturday- Opens 6:30am and closes 8pm
Sunday- Opens 7am and closes 8pm

The GW Bridge Bus Station - Main Level - Ticket Windows 5 through 7.

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