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Coach USA Leads By Example In Fight Against Human Trafficking

Coach USA, one of the largest transportation companies in North America, will be conducting Human Trafficking Awareness refresher training administrated by Bussing On The Lookout (B.O.T.L.). This is the 5th consecutive year that Coach USA has partnered with B.O.T.L. by providing corporate sponsorship, and employee training.

Human trafficking is an horrific crime that affects so many people.  We at Coach USA are proud to be associated with B.O.T.L. Our drivers take this training very seriously and have indeed used that training to take appropriate action when the circumstances have arisen, “said Linda Burtwistle, CEO Coach USA.

Coach USA’s training consists of an online course, and a companywide social media campaign to raise the awareness. Awareness posters are also placed in high traffic locations and phone numbers are placed within each bus. All of these activities coincide with January being Human Trafficking Awareness month. a Coach USA subsidiary also helps victims reunite with their family by providing free tickets to B.O.T.L. and their partner organizations. 

Linda Burtwistle is currently a Board Member of Truckers Against Trafficking. She previously served on the United States Department Of Transportation Advisory Committee On Human Trafficking as Vice Chairwoman.


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