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COACH USA LAUNCHES CUSTOM COMMUTE: Alternative Commuting Solution for Employers in Major Cities Returning To Work During COVID-19

Coach USA, one of the largest passenger transportation companies in North America, announced a new alternative commuting solution, Custom Commute. In the wake of COVID-19, employers are developing plans to return their employees to the workplace while protecting their health and wellness, especially within transit-dependent urban centers like New York, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta where social distancing on public transportation may be a challenge.

To meet the needs of these employers, Coach USA is partnering with companies, universities and hospitals to offer employer-sponsored commuter shuttle programs and other alternative commuting solutions to keep their organizations moving and employees safe.

“Custom Commute will give employers an alternative single seat commuting solution for their employees commuting to and from the workplace,” said Bruce Roberts, Coach USA Senior Vice President of Businesses Development

Custom Commute offers many benefits including dedicated buses to support social distancing and effective risk management.  It also allows for flexible routing which provides companies with the opportunity to customize stop placement efficiently for the convenience and efficiency of employees.  Extensive cleaning procedures are in place at all times to ensure the health and wellness of essential employees.

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