Omaha, Nebraska, January 16, 2020- Coach USA one of the largest transportation companies in North America was awarded The American Bus Association Leadership & Environmental Sustainability Award sponsored by Motor Coach Industries (MCI) at the American Bus Association Marketplace annual conference.

“We are committed to finding multiple avenues to take care of our planet through education, technology, driver incentives, and recycling programs. Coach USA is honored to receive this prestigious award and be recognized by our industry for our environmental sustainability efforts,” said Dominic Manuele, Vice President of Fleet Maintenance and Engineering.

The award was created to promote the motor coach industry and its application as a viable solution to the reduction of carbon emissions and to encourage industry leadership with a positive impact on our environment. The award was presented to Coach USA as a result of their commitment to “environmental leadership” in the areas of internal corporate initiatives, external corporate stewardship and community and industry-wide environmental leadership. The award was based on three aspects of a company’s operation – Administrative, Maintenance and Equipment, and Facility.

Coach USA is focused on the environment through a variety of programs including the GreenRoad Driver Program, their unique Eco-Eddie Environmental Program, investments in post 2012 EPA compliant motor coaches, OSHA and Environmental Training and a number of recycling programs for both facilities and vehicles.

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