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Please be advised that monthly pass sales are on hold at this time.

Monthly Saver Pass

Important Notice - Effective September 1, 2009, there will be changes in the procedure for buying and using the Monthly Saver Pass. These steps are taken to streamline & ease the purchase. New passes can be purchased starting August 21, 2009. Please read the new procedure below before you decide to buy your Monthly Saver Pass.

No new monthly passes will be issued with a start date of August 2nd or later. Those who have passes that expire during the month of August will have to purchase tickets for the remaining days of August. This is to ensure that starting September 1st, commuters have a new valid pass. New Brunswick and East Brunswick riders can buy commuter ticket books on-line if they need tickets for this time period. Please see our Commuter Ticket Book Sales Page for more details. Any commuter who currently has a monthly pass with the expiration date of September 1, 2009, or later, please contact the on-duty ticket agent or call 732-249-1100 (ext 211 or 214) to receive the credit.

Procedure for Purchasing Monthly Saver Pass

  1. Monthly pass will be valid for a calendar month (1st thru the last day of the same month).
  2. All locations in East Brunswick, New Brunswick & NY-PABT will start selling passes for the next month from the 21st of each month thru the 7th of the month for which the pass will be valid. As an example, passes for Sep-2009 will be sold from Aug 21st thru Sep 7th (8/21/09 - 9/07/09).
  3. To purchase a monthly pass or boarding the bus with a pass, no photo ID is required. Enrollment in the CUSA Travel Clib will be discontinued from August 1st.
  4. Passes are for the use of purchaser only and are non-transferable.
  5. Monthly pass can only be used for one Round Trip per day.


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