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Introducing our NEW app, “Track Coach USA”! 

Take the guess work out of your travel and download the Track Coach USA app today to stay up to date with the expected arrival time of your bus.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I install the Track Coach USA app?

Simply use your personal device to navigate either to the Apple Store or Google Play and search for “Track Coach USA”.

What software is compatible with Track Coach USA?

iOS 10 and Android 5.0 or higher are necessary for smooth operation of the Track Coach USA app. “Dark Mode” on the iOS 10 software is not compatible with the app. Check your operating system to ensure it’s updated.

How often will the bus times update?

               Bus times update in real time every 30 seconds. 

Will the App be available on the weekend?

               Yes!   Track Coach USA will be available 7 days per week.

How do I know which bus service to select?

               Services are separated by line numbers as well as the direction the bus is traveling. Select the line that you are traveling on, and the ultimate end location. For example, if you are in New Brunswick traveling to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, you should select “Line 100 – Princeton-New York.”

Why can’t I see the bus I am looking for?

The bus that you are looking for may be in an area with poor communication to our servers. If you’re having difficulty locating your bus on the Track Coach USA app please refer a to onsite dispatcher for more information.

Why is my app showing 3 different departure times, which one should I follow?

               The app provides the next 3 – 4 departure times to help you find the bus that best suits your needs. The one to follow would be starting from the most current time to the latest.

Why is the next departure time different than the scheduled departure time?

               The Track Coach USA app updates using estimated departure times based on real-time traffic conditions. Times may differ due to traffic and other circumstances. Adjusting accordingly, you can expect your bus at the time displayed on the app.

Is there a difference between the list view of the app and the map view?

Yes, the list view shows departure times for the line and stop that you selected. The map view, displays exactly where your bus is located on the map along with the bus number and estimated departure time.

What if our bus experiences delays in route to pick up?

               Personnel are prepared to make the appropriate changes and/or announcements regarding bus information immediately. Once the bus is changed in our systems, it will show your next departure based on the bus’s location. Should the bus still be able to reach destination, the app will reflect in real time arrival.  

Will the dispatchers on site have access to updates?

               Yes, all dispatchers will have the same capabilities as the Track Coach USA app. Dispatchers will still be on site to inform and answer any questions needed during your travel to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Schedules will still be posted and ticket agents will still have them to hand out if need be.

How can I confirm my bus number?

               Our buses are numbered by their VIN numbers, which is how it is displayed on the app. The bus will reflect a shortened version of that number. The last 4 digits shown on the app will be displayed on the bus.  For example, if you see bus number “38808” on the app, this bus is most likely to display “8808” on the bus itself.

Will I be alerted of any changes, delays or cancellations to my specific bus?

               The app does not currently push notifications regarding specific trips, but if you’d like to receive notifications for your commuter bus line, please sign up for personalized alerts at

Does the Track Coach USA app inform me of my estimated time of arrival? Can I purchase a ticket on this app?

               As of right now, the primary focus of the Track Coach USA app is to track the arrival of each bus, but we understand your needs and with further advancement of the app, we will look to include more features such as estimated time of arrival and ticket purchase.


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