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Coach USA 20 Line


Coach USA 20 Line

Commute with Coach USA's 20 Line

Work can be stressful enough, so why deal with the rigors of city driving, traffic congestion, tolls and parking? Take control over your commute and listen to music, read the paper, or just get some sleep.


Our commuter route serves the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City from Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ.


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Travel on Coach USA's Routes 20 and 20T with service between West Nyack, NY and the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal. You can view and download our PDF full schedules below.


West Nyack, NY
New York, NY
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of Travel
Palisades Center Mall <> Port Authority Bus Terminal Route/Trip
Saturday 8:10a <> 10:03a 20T
Weekdays 9:10a <> 11:03a 20T
Saturday 9:10a <> 11:03a 20T
Weekdays 10:10a <> 12:03p 20T
Saturday 10:10a <> 12:03p 20T
Weekdays 11:10a <> 1:03p 20T
Weekend 11:10a <> 1:03p 20T
Weekdays 12:10p <> 2:03p 20T
Weekend 12:10p <> 2:03p 20T
Weekdays 1:10p <> 3:03p 20T
Weekend 1:10p <> 3:03p 20T
Weekdays 2:10p <> 4:03p 20T
Weekend 2:10p <> 4:03p 20T
Weekdays 3:10p <> 5:03p 20T
Weekend 3:10p <> 5:03p 20T
Weekdays 4:10p <> 6:03p 20T
Weekend 4:10p <> 6:03p 20T
Weekdays 5:10p <> 7:03p 20T
Weekend 5:10p <> 7:03p 20T
Weekdays 6:15p <> 8:01p 20T
Weekend 6:15p <> 8:01p 20T
Weekdays 7:20p <> 9:01p 20T
Weekend 7:20p <> 9:01p 20T
Weekdays 8:20p <> 10:01p 20T
Saturday 8:20p <> 10:01p 20T
Operates Palisades Center Mall <> Port Authority Bus Terminal Route/Trip
Weekdays 9:20p <> 11:01p 20T
Saturday 9:20p <> 11:01p 20T

We will make every effort to operate the above schedules. However, delays may occur from time to time due to traffic congestion and other unforeseen circumstances. 

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