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Van Galder Airport Information

Airport Shuttle Bus Pick-Up & Drop-Off Location

O’Hare Airport Shuttle Bus Drop-Off

Buses drop off on the upper (departure) level of each domestic terminal numbers 1, 2, and 3; and then the international terminal number 5. When you first board the bus, the driver will ask which terminal you are going to, and your luggage will be loaded accordingly. Refer to the airport website for the most updated terminal information. For the latest O'Hare information, please  Click Here

If you are catching a train to the city or connecting to other ground transportation, we recommend taking the airport shuttle bus to terminal 2.

O’Hare Airport Shuttle Bus Pick-Up

International flights: You will find our shuttle bus pick-up location on the lower level (arrivals) at the international terminal number 5. The airport shuttle buses load outside door number 5E.  Walk across the crosswalk to the outer curb and turn to your right.  You will see a bus shelter along the outer curb.  The buses will pull up as space allows along this curb past this shelter.  

Domestic flights: For domestic flights, our shuttle bus pick-up area will be outside door 4 of the Bus Shuttle Center.

Directions to the Bus Shuttle Center
From your arrival gate: Follow the signs toward baggage claim/ground transportation. Once you get to the lower baggage claim area you will see red and blue signs directing you to the Bus Shuttle Center.

  • Driving to O’Hare: Follow the signs towards “Arrivals” for the domestic terminals. This is the lower level roadway. Once on the lower level you will see signs for the Bus Shuttle Center, which is directly across from the lobby of the O’Hare Hilton.

Midway Airport Shuttle Bus Drop-Off  NOTE: SUSPENDED

Our shuttle bus drop-off location will be easily found on the upper (departure) level at Midway Airport.

Midway Airport Shuttle Bus Pick-Up  NOTE: SUSPENDED

The Shuttle Bus Pick-Up area will be found on the lower level (arrivals). Shuttle Buses will pick up passengers at the "Regional Bus Loading Area."  Follow the signs from the baggage claim area, and you will see a sign along the curb that says “Regional Buses.” 

Shuttle Bus Pick-Up & Drop-Off Area at the Amtrak Station/Union Station

The shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off area is located along the Eastern curb on Canal Street, in the block between Jackson and Adams. The nearest address to the shuttle bus pick-up area is 225 S. Canal Street. You will see a sign that says “Amtrak Thruway Bus,” however this is a heavily congested area and the bus will pull up anywhere there is room along the curb. 

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For more information on what to expect at your local Illinois and Wisconsin shuttle bus stops, click here.

Plan ahead and make sure you allow enough time to get to the airport by reviewing our current bus schedule.

Still have questions?  Check our airport FAQ's.

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